17 July 2011

More hair cutting, retail therapy, and a date night

On Tuesday, Brooklyn got her hair cut. On Friday it was my turn! Pretty soon I after we got engaged (Nov. '09), I asked Luke how he wanted me to wear my hair for the wedding (June '11). I know that this sounds a little early to be asking such a question, but I wanted to know how he pictured my hair looking on our big day so that I would be cautious when getting it cut. And my question was right on target; he wanted long, blonde curls for the wedding. So over the last 19 months, I've done nothing but trim my golden locks less than an inch every so often. I've always loved long hair, so I didn't mind growing it out. But at about three months pre-wedding, I started getting restless. I wanted to cut it so bad, but I resisted. Penelope, my hair stylist in Corpus who I love, has been listening to me talk about cutting my hair for a while now and when I called her a few days back to schedule THE appointment, she squealed with joy! 



I don't know if you can tell, but Penny cut off right at 5 inches. Love it!! It also looks shorter when its dry. One of my favorite feelings is the way healthy hair feels after a significant amount is cut off. I even splurged and bought a new hair product that is supposed to help protect my hair from the heat of a blow-dryer and flatiron, while keeping it healthy and shiny. We'll see about all of this, but it sure makes my hair smell good!

Now, on to retail therapy. Also on Friday (and prior to the hair cut), I was in my office for almost 8 hours straight working on a large presentation that consumed most of my day. So after work, I headed straight to Ann Taylor LOFT. This is my favorite way to de-stress! If you're a young woman business professional, you know that LOFT is a valuable resource for stylish work clothes at a reasonable price. LOFT is also known for it's really great sales, especially if you're patient and appreciate a good bargain. I've read multiple blog posts written by friends lately that talk about their success with shopping at LOFT, so I'm jumping on the band wagon and will now share with you my shopping success.

Although I didn't find anything for $3.88 (my favorite sale price at LOFT!), there was a "40% off already marked down items" promo going on and I definitely took advantage. With both business clothes and honeymoon attire on the mind, these items are what I specifically searched for and found!

{I bought two of these rolled-sleeve tops, one in navy and one in lime (minus the flower). I love finding tops that fit my body type and this is one of those}

 {I bought two pair of shorts, in mustard and brown. I'm ready to wear these on the honeymoon!}

{I love this sweater! However, the one I bought is melon and white striped}

{And I can't go to LOFT without buying something for work, so these cropped pants are what I went with. I like this tailored look and their length is good for the summer}

So, if you add up what all of these items cost at full price, that number would be $257. But if you then add them up according to their sale prices (all were on sale) and then take off an extra 40%, you get $110.91, which is what I paid. This is 67% off the original price!! I just can't resist smart retail therapy. :)

On Saturday night, Luke and I went to dinner at a restaurant in Portland. It was fun to drive over the Harbor Bridge to dinner for a change. I had a gift certificate to the restaurant we went to, Pepitos Cantina & Grill. It's a fun little Mexican restaurant with awesome margaritas! Luke loved his guacamole enchiladas and kept saying, "We're definitely coming back here again." I guess this little adventure was a success! On our way home from dinner, we stopped at Starbucks to get frappuccinos for dessert and then we bought and watched I Am Number Four on On Demand. 

{We our fraps!}

I've really enjoyed our relaxing weekend in Corpus! What did you do this weekend? Anything fun? If so, I'd love to hear about it!


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