25 July 2011

Weekend Recap

With Luke's job being so busy during the week, I live for our weekends together. This weekend included roses, gun shopping, finalizing honeymoon details, painting, and hogging the bed. Marital bliss at its finest. :)

{On Friday, Luke bought me some beautiful roses for the apartment. I love roses!}

Luke has been looking into purchasing a handgun for a while now. If you know my sweet husband, you know that when he becomes interested in a subject/new hobby/item he wants to purchase, he doesn't rest until he knows absolutely everything there is to know about this particular subject/new hobby/item. Luke has always loved guns, but has just begun building his collection in the last year or so. On Saturday morning, he finally had the chance to purchase his new handgun. Say hello to my little friend the newest member of the family... 

{...a Sig Sauer SP2022}

The gun shop where we bought this handgun had to order it because they were out of stock in the store, so Luke won't have his new gun until next weekend. But he is still pretty excited, none the less. And I'm not even about to act like I didn't enjoy looking at guns myself. I actually had a really great time! I grew up in a family of all girls where guns were "scary." However, I married the epitome of alpha male who has already taught me so much about guns and has made it his priority to buy my handgun next (as well as both of our concealed handgun licenses). It will be partially pink I've decided, and either a 380 or 9mm. I shot a 380 out at camp this weekend and am already addicted. I can't wait for Luke's gun to get here so I can practice!!

 {Taco roll w/guac, chips and salsa, and fruit salad for lunch with the Lawleys!}

After gun shopping, Luke and I had lunch with Tim and Audie, our honeymoon coordinators. It has been so much fun to have a pre-existing friendship with this awesome couple while planning our Disney honeymoon. We have spent multiple lunches with them picking out our hotel, dinner reservations, etc. We love how much they love their job, each other, and the Lord. It is always such a blessing to be in their home (especially with the way that Audie always feeds us)! This time, we were picking up our honeymoon itinerary and finalizing details. The next time we get together with T&L will be after we're back from Disney and hopefully already planning our 1 year anniversary trip!!

Saturday afternoon, Luke headed back to camp while I went to Sarah's bachelorette party. I can't believe her and Andrew are getting married next weekend! We went to Tipsy Canvas to paint and drink wine. This was such a great idea for a bachelorette party, btw. After painting, we had dinner at TGIFridays. I had to go out to camp after dinner, but I heard the girls had a great time going out and celebratings Sarah's last weekend as a single gal. I can't wait to stand next to her next weekend as she becomes Mrs. Lewis!

{The adorable bride-to-be!}

{My tree painting. Don't judge, I'm not an artist, ha!}

Since Luke and I spend the majority of our weekdays apart, the newness of figuring out how to live with each other is still going on and will probably continuing happening for a while. I thought those of you who are married may find our newest newlywed issue a bit comical. In my sleep, I seem to still think I am the only one in the bed. The last couple of times that Luke and I have woken up together, he has said something along the lines of, "Hey--you're in the middle of the bed!" or "Look at where you are. Do you see I'm hanging off the edge over here?" I feel terrible about this, but just giggle every time. I guess this is what we get for technically having two places of residence. I'm so used to sleeping in the middle of our super plush queen bed alone at the apartment that when he is home, my body isn't quite sure how to give up half of its bed. Poor Luke!

{My sweet sleeping babies, when I'm not taking up more than my half of the bed}


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