12 July 2011

No more hair!

Brooklyn visited Mrs. Nancy at La Pooch today and came out looking quite beautiful! I asked Nancy to trim her a little shorter than normal since it's summertime and I think she's loving it. This pup has needed a haircut since before the wedding, but I just haven't had the time to take her. Today was the day and I must say, she's looking pretty cute!

{Picking B up from La Pooch}

{Ears blowing in the wind on our way up the stairs to the apt}

{Silly girl was OVER that bow and pulled it out, ha!}

I love my sweet little Brooklyn!


  1. Oh my goodness, so cute!! And I love that her name is Brooklyn (that's where I live!).

    xx, Melanie

  2. New GFC Follower from Stalk Remix – Hop all Weekend! What a cute doggie!

  3. Hi new follower from the blog hop
    Your blog is great and what a super cute dog lol
    Please pop over to the uk and visit me anytime


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