21 July 2011


 {via C25K}

Have you heard of C25K? I first heard of this acronym a few weeks back when a friend shared her weekly C25K workout on Facebook. Then a little earlier this evening, I had a second friend post her weekly workout on FB as well. This intrigued me and, being the want-to-be hardcore runner that I am, I decided to do a little research.

C25K stands for Couch to 5K and it is a beginner running plan. You can find this plan in the form of a smart phone app. Don't have a smart phone? No worries! There is a custom C25K podcast that works with any mp3 player. One thing I love about this app is that it has a music player built in that enables you to change tracks without leaving the app. This has always been something that bothers me when using my iPhone as an iPod during workouts. This app also allows you to track your progress and share this progress on Facebook and Twitter. So social media savvy!

Confession: I may or may not have been eating as healthy or working out as much as I was pre-wedding. No longer stressing about how I look in a wedding dress is not an excuse to slack in the taking-care-of-myself department! I love running, but I'm not a very good distance runner. The most I've ever completed without walking was a 10K, but that was a couple of years ago. I run a pretty steady 2 miles straight right now. I think I'm going to try the C25K strategy simply because it gives me a planned workout every day (no excuses!) and will help me up my 2 miles to 3 miles consistently. Wish me luck!

If you've done C25K, how did it go? Were you successful? What did you struggle with?

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