21 August 2011

5 things I learned about my husband on our honeymoon

 {At Cocoa Beach Pier}

When you've been when someone for over 6 years, it sometimes feels like you couldn't learn anything new about your significant other. But leave it to a honeymoon to teach this "old married couple" a few new facts about each other! These are mainly things I learned about Luke, but I'm sure if you ask him, he could tell you a thing or two that he learned about me on this trip too. :)

  1. We don't need a king-sized bed ANY time soon! We had a king-sized bed in our hotel at Disney and it felt SO huge! Our bed at home is a queen and I think it's perfect. Luke and I both have the right amount of space and Brook always curls up in her perfect little ball at the foot of the bed. In a king-sized bed, I felt like unless we made it a point to sleep side by side, there was way too much space between us. I woke up multiple times that week with 2-3ft. in between Luke and me. This was no bueno!
  2. Luke is not a very good morning person. This one SHOCKED me. I mean, he is worse than me without my first two cups of AM coffee! The first morning of our honeymoon, it took Luke until about 11 a.m. to really be fully awake and excited to do anything. This was in no way a bad thing; he was a great sport. But you'd think after 6 years, I'd know this about him. I guess with both of us waking up early for work on a daily basis, we don't spend much of our mornings together. Weird. P.S. He got WAY better throughout the week! :)
  3. Before this trip, Luke had never seen another body of water except the Gulf of Mexico. When he told me this, I thought, "No way! This guy that loves to surf and swim so much??" But alas, it was true. This is what spurred our decision to rent a car and drive to Cocoa Beach, FL, which is on the Atlantic Ocean side of Florida about 75 miles east of Orlando. Once we were at the beach, Luke rented a surf board and tackled his first official ocean. I love the pictures from that day!
  4. When Luke is in a new place, he takes every aspect of it in and then creates his own opinion about it. When we would hop on the bus to a different park every morning, Luke would be very quite. At first, I thought this was a part of his not being a very good morning person quality, but I later learned that this is not the case. Because Luke was in a new place, he was taking it all in. The sounds, the scenery, the people, etc. A little later in the day, he would start giving me his opinion about different aspects or he'd ask me mine. Ex: "Babe, why do you think they do this like that?" "Hey--did you see the way this person helped that person? Disney does a good job of this..." And so forth and so on...
  5. Luke is the best at holding hands. No matter where we went, Luke held my hand. If I had to pull away to open my purse, put my hair up into a ponytail, or whatever, his hand was reaching out for mine the moment I was done. Now again, we've been together for a little over 6 years. You would think that I would be extremely used to holding his hand, but there was something different on our honeymoon. He held my hand as if to protect me from the many people surrounding us or anything that may separate us. I loved every minute of it!!
I guess the biggest lesson I learned on my honeymoon is that I still don't know everything there is to know about my sweet hubby, but this excites me! We still have 50+ years to learn it all! :)


  1. Love the hand holding one. Sounds like you got yourself a very sweet hubby. =)

  2. congrats on your marriage! we've got 4 years of marriage and we're still learning!!!

    newest gfc follower from the weekend hop!


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