22 August 2011

The Summer Peddler's Show

Last November, Aubrey took me to my very first Peddler's Show. I have such fond memories of that trip!  The weather that day was perfectly fall-ish and I bought some really cute Christmas decor for my first apartment out of college. So when Aubrey asked if I wanted to go back to The Peddler's Show on Sunday for their summer weekend event, I immediately said YES! We spent about 2 hours out in Robstown and I bought a couple more items than I had originally anticipated, but who could help it? The hand-made house decor, jewelry, and baked good/spices/mixes call to me!!

{This is one of my favorite booths! I'm a coffee lover and you can try as many samples of coffee as you'd like. They have amazing flavors and you just add hot water. This is great for those early mornings before work!}

{The homemade soup/dip booth is another favorite. So many samples at the Peddler's Show!}

{You can buy tons of jewelry, clothing, and shoes at the show. This is a picture of individual beads that a buyer could string on a necklace or bracelet chain}

{I just HAD to take a picture of these boots with the cute husband sign on them! I actually found a turquoise and tan pair in my size that I fell in love with, but gasped at when the saleslady told me they were $400. NO WAY!! But after telling Luke how beautiful they were, he asked me, "Why didn't you get them?" Seriously babe?!}

These are the few items I actually purchased...

{Two bags of coffee: Turtle and Snickerdoodle. Three bags of dip mix: On The Border, Tangy Jalapeno Ranch, and Dilly-icious}

{I feel in love with these two items instantly! The wall decor on the left could be hung anywhere in our apartment and has a blank space for a 4x6 picture to be glued to it. I already have a wedding picture in mind! The block on the right stands alone and is now hanging out on our entertainment center}

{I can never pass on a good jewelry deal! Cocktail ring: $3, Pearl earrings: $4}

{And lastly, this sweet little leaf/fall wall decor will be hanging on the front door of our apartment come October 1st}

The next Peddler's Show will be in November and I can't wait!! I'm ready to do some Christmas gift shopping and to buy more Christmas decor. :) Plus, once November rolls around, the weather will be cooler and hopefully I'll have a pumpkin spice latte in hand. Pleeeease hurry fall!!!


  1. Wow this looks like so much fun! Where do you live? I want to go too. lol

  2. you found some great deals! I'm currently lusting after a pair of Old Gringo boots with a similar price tag but can't seem to find the courage to actually buy them :)

  3. like ur love story...

    visiting you here from FMBT... hope you can follow me at http://8myall.com

    thanks much!


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