07 November 2010

My First Peddlers Show!

Today I was introduced to The Peddlers Show in Robstown, Texas. Multiple times a year, a ton of vendors set up at the Richard M. Borchard County Fairgrounds to sell anything from gaudy jewelry to Christmas and Thanksgiving decor to soup and dip mixes to just about anything someone can carve out of wood. Hundreds of people attend and its a good time for all.

Aubrey was given a couple of free tickets to the show from one of her bosses at work, so duh...we went! It took about 2 hours for us to walk around the entire building. We sipped on samples of fabulous coffee, I definitely tried the same pretzels and dip a couple of times, and we ooooed and awwwwed over about 10 baby girls with the largest bows on their little bald heads.

I'm sad that I didn't take any pictures at the actual show, but Aubrey and Brooklyn modeled for me (for your enjoyment!) as I took these pictures of the Christmas decor I bought for my apartment at The Peddlers Show.

 {My items of choice from left to right: a snowman ornament, two wooden tree stand-alone cutouts (for lack of a better title??), a county santa ornament, and a bell ornament}

{My models with the Christmas decor}

{Brook is mostly a fan of the bell. Because it makes noise, obviously}

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