28 November 2010

Where are you Christmas?

Christmas is here!!!!!!!!
{Well, sort of. We can at least say it's Christmas time.}
Don't hate me, but I like Christmas more than Thanksgiving. Please don't get me wrong, Thanksgiving is great. Family, friends, food and so much to be thankful for. And of course, we can't forget that I was proposed to over the Thanksgiving holiday last year, which makes it that much more special.

But I love Christmas!!!

My Christmas tree and decor went up 4 days before Thanksgiving. I already know what I'm getting all of my friends and family for Christmas and many of these gifts have already been purchased. I e-mailed my Christmas list to my mother a week or so ago. Are you beginning to understand yet??

In honor of Christmas, my blog now looks a little more festive. Hope you enjoy. :)

And for all of you Thanksgiving lovers, I hope I haven't offended you and that you had a fabulous Thanksgiving full of turkey and newly-made memories.

Now break out your Christmas decor!  

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