04 November 2010

Who writes YOUR paycheck?

As I am nearing the end of my fourth week at a new job, I'm remembering back to a lesson I learned in New York last spring. I had the most fabulous mentor and boss at CBS News when I interned in the press office. Not only did she teach me extrememly valuable lessons about working in the media world, but she also blessed me by teaching me lessons about Who it is I actually work for.

Early on in that internship, my boss was telling me and the other interns about a talk she had recently given to a group of adults at her church. She said that her first question to these people was, "Who writes your paycheck?" One person answered, "The lady in HR." Another said, "The president of my company." These were not the answers she was working for.

My boss went on to explain to us that no man writes her paycheck. God signs that check.

In the working world it is easy to fall prey to your boss, director, or manager. You can choose to not speak your mind or stay out of the issue because you are nervous of what people may think of you. This reminds me of a young teen who sees something wrong happening, but is afraid to stand up for what is right because they think this will cause them to become "unpopular."

My boss in New York was a firm believer in speaking truth, whether or not it was what the recipient wanted to hear. She wasn't afraid to speak her mind in a respectful way or stand up to an issue she did not feel was ethical. She knows Who is writing her paycheck and does not fear losing that check. She knows that as long as she is living her like as an example of Christ, God is on her side. If she was to lose her job, it would be because God has something better for her down the road. What a way to live life! Without fear, knowing that security is not in who you work for on this earth, but Who you work for eternally.

Who's writing your check? Where is your ultimate security?

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