16 November 2010

Today's small joys

I joined the Corpus Christi YMCA today! I'm really pumped because I've been missing the SLC at Baylor and the good old gym I worked out at in New York. There is just something about a sweaty weight room, the sound of multiple treadmills running, and people burning off those calories. PLUS, for $50/month, I get to go to any aerobic, zumba, spinning, etc. classes that I want to! I think I may check out tomorrow's 6:15 a.m. step class, or maybe the 5:30 cycling class after work. Anyhoo, I'm ready to get this body back in (better) shape!

In other fun news, Luke brought these pretty flowers to my apartment after class tonight. Aren't they cool looking? He said he picked these out because they look like venus fly traps. Silly boy. :)

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