06 November 2010

Long time comin'!

I moved into my apartment in Corpus Christi back in May. Oh, what a day that was! When I moved in, I had a couch and an inflatable mattress to my name; that's it. Yes, I had furniture in college, but most of it stayed in Waco with Claire. It's taken me a little while to accumulate furniture (my current bedroom furniture, kitchen table, and end tables are on loan), but my apartment looks good! The only thing I'm still missing is a coffee table and an entertainment center.

Well, until now...

Today mom picked up both of these for me at IKEA on her way home from Waco!!! I've been eying the pieces from a far for a while, just waiting for the right paycheck. The "entertainment center" is actually a bookshelf I'm going to turn on its side. A good friend of mine has the same one and did the same thing. I know, I'm being a copycat, but it's such a great idea! Plus, it has a TON of compartments for DVDs, the DVR, picture frames, candles, or whatever I want to put in the compartments. I'll post pictures of both pieces once they're put together (I get them Tuesday), but for now, here's a couple of pictures from the IKEA website.

I'm so excited!!! Thanks mom. :)

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