08 November 2010

Praise God from Whom all blessings flow!

Tonight I had the honor of meeting Spencer Lewis Payne, Jade and Nathan's newest addition (bebe dos!) to the family. He's just about the sweetest thing I've ever seen! Aubrey and I cooked the Payne Family chicken tortilla soup and ate with them this evening. I can't wait to spend more time with all FOUR of Paynes!

{me and mr. spencer}

I also have another joyous annoucement: 

Luke graduates in 40 days!!!!!

I've seriously been waiting for this day for what feels like forever, as have many other people. Luke has worked a full-time job since he began college and has only been about to take about 12 hrs. per semester to sustain himself. It's been a long five and a half years (especially after drastically changing his major half way through), but I know that God's timing is perfect and I can't wait to see His plans unveiled as Luke takes the next step into a new chapter of life. Oh, and of course we will be throwing a party for him. But more details on that later!

{Luke trying on his graduation gown for the first time about a month ago. Can't wait until Dec. 18th!!}

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  1. Can't wait to meet baby Spencer myself :)

    And me and Luke share the same graduation day!! So exciting!


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