06 November 2010

"Me" Time

I love shopping with myself.

I go to all the best stores. I don't spend too much time in one place. I like everything that I pick up and ask, "What do you think?" (Ok, maybe not everything). And I don't drive myself crazy. I am the best shopping partner for me that there ever was!

Don't you ever just need some "me" time? I don't have kids, I don't have a husband, and I still value my "me" time as much as those who do. There is just something about not having to talk with someone or be personable. Last night after work, I went and walked around the mall alone. I LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT! Shopping and relaxing. It was fabulous. :)

Oh yeah, and I bought a new purse! You can see this bag, plus many others on the Francesca's website. I love their bags because they don't break the bank, but are still super stylish!

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