14 March 2012

Swooning over Spring.

1) I love when we "spring forward," because it means more daylight. Which means that I can now sit out on my back deck with the husband and pups in the evening enjoying life. And this is perfect.
2) Luke mowed the yard last night and everything is so green (thanks rain!). Bentley loves to play outside, so we hung out in the yard for a little while. Isn't he adorable? 
3) Spring has sprung and wildflowers are everywhere. These were picked for me by a sweet friend and are now brightening my kitchen.



  1. Spring is awesome! But I have to admit I am very jealous of you being able to celebrate it much earlier than us in Seattle :(

  2. Pretty flowers!! It's gorgeous here in Toronto too and it's only supposed to get nicer through the week :)
    Yay spring!!
    Lauren xo

  3. I love your sandals! And those flowers are so pretty :)

  4. Now that I'm used to the time change I'm loving it! Your deck is iiincredible - I would stay out there all the time!


  5. i am SO happy spring is almost here! is was 80 degrees today which is about 20 degrees higher than normal. I even went through some of my summer boxes to pull out a few dresses! i hope the nice weather stays!

  6. Spring doesn't usually come this quick where I live, but so far, we're having amazing spring weather! I've been soaking it up! Your dog is really cute, and what gorgeous flowers! :)

  7. LOVE the flowers! I would love to have flowers all the time inside, but seeing as I am allergic to the world, it doesn't happen. :( insert pout here

  8. I love the spring weather too!!! Your puppies are adorable ;)

  9. I love these photos! Just came across your blog, and love everything I see! Count me in as a follower (and fellow Texan), and I can't wait to start reading along :)


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