16 March 2012

Friday Letters

For the last couple of weeks, I've been reading others' Friday Letters posts. Today, I'm finally joining in and posting my own. Happy weekend everyone!

1) Dear Luke, I love you. This weekend while you work, I will be spring cleaning. When you finally get home on Saturday evening, you will not recognize our house. In a good way, promise! And all that luandry that's been sitting on our kitchen table? It will be folded and hung up. Swear. :) And thanks for mowing our yard this week. It looks fabulous and the puppies love it. You're the best husband/fur-baby-daddy we could ask for!

2) Dear Jules (aka mom), I cannot wait to go to NYC with you in 6 days! We will have so much fun going to Broadway shows, seeing the World Trade Center Memorial, walking through Central Park, eating at fabulous restaurants, treking over to Brooklyn so that I can tear up as I reminisce, and shopping til we drop. 5th Avenue, beware!!

3) Dear Work, you have been stressful the last few days, but SO worth it! I have felt very accomplished and proud of how well everything is going with the two of us. We are kickin' butt and taking names!

4) Dear Aubrey, You are buying a house. You are such a big girl! I'm so proud of you and the way you've worked so hard to make this happen. You absolutely deserve your precious little blue house and I can't wait to watch you go crazy as you decorate. And we're having a house warming party, STAT!

5) Dear Brookley (Brooklyn + Bentley), Y'all are a mess! Last night, you woke your mom and dad up multiple times just wimpering and you drove us crazy! Dad even took you to the bathroom TWICE. What did y'all hear outside last night that were bothering you so much? But no matter how frustrated we get with you, we can't get over how cute you are. You are buds; best friends for life. And this is exactly how we hoped it would be. :)

{And for your viewing pleasure...a pic of me taken by a client at our coffee meeting this morning. He posted it to Facebook. We discussed blogging. We're social media savvy, what can I say?!}


  1. I want to have meetings with clients and take about blogging. However I work with seniors - so there probably would be a lot of explaining about what a blog is.

    and please post some pictures of NYC so I can be jealous and dream about when I can actually take a trip there.

  2. Love the coffee pic!!

    New follower :)


    follow me back?? xoxo

  3. you are an amazing wife to be cleaning on the weekend!

  4. Love your letters!! You two are adorable!! Oohhh, NYC! How fun!! I have always wanted to go! Aww our furpups name is Bentley, ha!

  5. oh man, have so much fun in NYC! I love it there so fun to visit! and have fun spring cleaning ,I love to clean everything and have it all fresh and sparkling! loved your letters thanks for linking up!


  6. Ours used to wake us up too!! We felt like we had newborns. They finally have gotten over that, for the most part...they still have "those nights" hah!

  7. What sweet letters! Oh to have a job where I could talk about blogging!



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