19 April 2010


This past weekend, my childhood best friend came to visit me in New York. This was an epic weekend for two reasons: 1) Because we had an AMAZING time! and 2) Because this was my last visitor before I move back to Texas!!! It was so nice to have Millie visit, to stay in a hotel and not in a dorm room (SO over it), to see a couple Broadway shows, and to shop! Mill didn't get to New York until Friday evening, so we just grabbed a quick dinner across the street at a little Italian place across the street and called it an early night. On Saturday, we dominated the city and Sunday we just relaxed. Here are a few pictures, both from the trusty iPhone and my actual camera, from our weekend. I'll explain the pictures as we go:)

{That's my girl. Shopping within the first hour of being in NYC. And of course, she had to get something for everyone. Love ya Mill!}

{Millie and I saw Jersey Boys on Saturday afternoon. It was incredible! I walked out of there singing, "Big girls don't cry!!!"}

{We had dinner at Ellen's Stardust Diner}

{Before we saw our second show, we bought (and split!) a Crumbs cupcake. DELISH!}

{Millie and I before Promises, Promises}

{Two shows in one day = Broadway success!!}

{Just Jack!}

We met Sean Hayes (aka Jack from Will & Grace) after the show. It was crazy to hear him talk so straight, ha! He's Millie's fav so, of course, this was the highlight of our night! Btw, the title of this post is "LAAAADDDY!!! because we quoted all of Jack's lines the entire weekend.

{Me creepin' while he ate his cookie after the show, ha! We weren't allowed to ask for pictures with him, so this is as good as it got}

Like I said earlier, Sunday we just relaxed, no agenda. We had lunch/dinner at an awesome restaurant called Carmine's. I'd never heard of it, but Millie said it was her favorite place in New York. The portions were family sized aka the biggest amount of food I've ever seen! Here's a picture of our massive chicken parmesan. 

{Whoa baby!}

I've also developed, since I've been in New York, this incredible gift of buying expensive jeans for cheap at resale shops. Luke should be proud of me:) My first week here, I bought a pair of Citizens jeans for $5. Yup, 5 bucks! This past weekend, I found a pair of Joe's at the same store for $30. Not as good of a deal, but get real! I've spent $35 total on two pairs of jeans that I would have had to spend $300 on normally. Momma didn't raise no fool;)

While Mill and I were enjoying our lazy Sunday afternoon, my boy and his posse were workin' hard out at Camp Zephyr. There is always a ton of work to be done this time of year as everyone is getting ready for the summer. This is the precious...cough, cough...I mean tough picture Luke texted me of the guys working their tails off out at the big Z. You can tell by this picture that they need a little sunshine and summer time in their lives. Hang in there boys, 4 weeks!

Today at work I realized that I have 17 days left in New York. Wow, I seriously can't believe it! Two weeks left of work, I pack up, take finals, and move home. Then graduation...work...more wedding planning...AHHH!! Ok Sara, quit getting ahead of yourself. One day at a time:) That's how I'm learning to take my life, one day at a time. It's the only way I stay sane! I hope everyone had a great relaxing weekend and a as-good-as-it-can-get Monday!

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