07 April 2010

Picture update because I'm lazy:)

I've been wanting to blog about this past weekend for a while now, but every time I start, I can't seem to get a good flow going. So, because of my inability to organize my thoughts, I'm just going to post pictures and explain through captions. Happy picture browsing!

{This is the precious box my wedding shoes came in. I bought them this past weekend!!}

Would you like to see what these sexy shoes look like? If I get a good response, I'll post a picture soon!

{A bunch of the girls went to Grimaldi's, a famous pizza place in Brooklyn, last Friday night for dinner. It was fun to have Jenny and Katie visiting!}

{On Saturday, Ashley and I went shopping. While she tried on clothes at Anthropologie, I admired all their cute kitchen decor and dishes. I LOVE their stuff and hope that Luke will allow me to selfishly spend a little of our wedding money on a few pieces. The blue/green/pink coffee cups and bowls are my favorite}

{Matchy matchy!}

{These make me want to bake}

{I know, it's so wifey...but I think these oven mits are adorable!)

{After Anthro, Ash and I did more shopping. H&M, Victoria's Secret, and Forever 21. In the middle of all the shopping, we made a stop by Macy's Flower Show. I'm glad I got the chance to capture a few pictures of the beautiful flowers in Macys. Spring is officially here, FINALLY!}

{Aren't those little birds too cute? My momma would have loved this flower show! I wish it would have been going on when she and my sisters visited}

This past weekend was really fun and very relaxing; much needed. So, besides these pictures, I have a few life updates. I've decided not to go to law school, for a couple of different reasons. There's no need to go into these reasons; God made the decision easy and that's that. So now, like all of the other college seniors anticipating graduation in 5ish weeks, I'm job searching. I'm been writing cover letters like a crazy person and sending those, plus the good old resume, to PR firms and PR departments all over Corpus Christi. Have I told y'all that CC is where I'm moving after graduation? Well, it is! Luke has one more semester of school after I'm done, so we'll be in Corpus for a little while at least. 

Wedding stuff is good, but I could talk about this kind of thing forever; that's for another post at another time. It's been tough planning from New York, but I'll be home in 4 weeks and then I'm hitting the ground running, both literally and figuratively! Speaking of running, here's another life update: Today, I started tracking what I eat and how much I'm working out. There is an awesome website, http://www.mydailyplate.com/, that is sort of like Weight Watchers, but FREE! When you enter in information such as you age, weight, height, amount of physical activity, etc., it calculates how many calories you should be eating according to how many pounds per week you want to lose. I don't want to lose a ton of weight of anything, but I definitely want to tone up before the wedding. I've heard multiple success stories about this website just today, so I'll keep you posted and let you know what kind of success I have. Wish me luck!

Ok, it's time for bed. After a 9 hour work day, a 3 hour class, and a 30 minute run over and back on the Brooklyn Bridge, this girl is beat. I hope you all had a wonderful day and have an even better night's sleep! Sweet dreams:)


  1. YES please post shoe pictures! I haven't found any yet!
    Also, the flower pictures from Macy's are GORGEOUS.

  2. Shoe pictures yes. Also, what kind of PR work are you looking to do?
    Claire B.
    p.s. your blogs are always fun to read :)

  3. i vote a big fat YES to shoe pictures!!!
    and i'm going to check out that website. i've been eating a bunch of JUNK! i need some accountability.


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