09 March 2010

Back to reality...

Day 3 of hanging out with friends in the city was wonderful! We met up around 11 a.m. to go ice skating at Rockefeller Center. Christine came in from Conneticut to spend the day with us too! Because we went during the lunch hour, we got to skate for $5. None of us fell, thank goodness, and the weather couldn't have been more perfect! After iceskating for about an hour, we grabbed hotdogs from a street vender for a quick and easy lunch. After that, we went back to the girls' hotel to put Christine's bag up and figure out what else we wanted to accomplish that day.

{Unfortunately, this is the only picture I have from ice skating (from my iPhone) because I was scared to take my nice camera on the ice. I think Cat got some good pictures though!}

We ended up taking the subway down into Brooklyn. On 5th Ave., I showed the girls where I go to church and we walked through a couple of the cute little shops I've come to adore since I started living in Brooklyn. One in particular, Teddy, has to be my favorite. Unfortunately, this cute little botique doesn't have a website, but here's a review someone wrote about the store online:

"Teddy has a cute, but small assortment of dresses, blouses, skirts and jackets. They also have fabulous accessories. The quality does vary, but the pricing reflects that. A lot of the clothes are cotton, which can look good depending on what it is and does lower the price. Many of the items are under $100."


I tried on a couple of dresses, but didn't find anything I was in love with. Cat bought the cutest floral top, which will be so great for when spring finally arrives. Overall, success:)

After shopping, I took the girls to my favorite coffee shop in Brooklyn, Gorilla Coffee. This place makes the strongest espresso I've ever had and their famous maple latte is delicious! We also grabbed a quick bite at a little cafe to hold us until dinner. The sandwiches were so good and I ate the other half of Christine's for lunch at work today:)

We took the subway back to Clark St. and walked to the Brooklyn Bridge. Then, we actually walked the Brooklyn Bridge. This is the bridge that takes you from Brooklyn to Manhattan. It was 58 degrees outside, the sun was shining and beginning to set, and I couldn't have spent this peaceful time with better friends. We took a few pictures on the bridge and then hopped on the subway to go to dinner.

{The Brooklyn Bridge}

{Christine, Kristin, Catherine, and I on the Brooklyn Bridge}

For dinner, we ate at Ellen's Stardust Diner. If you ever visit New York, this is definitely a cool place for lunch or dinner. The waitors and waitresses take turns singing, even on table tops and booths, while also waiting on you. Many people that move to New York hoping to make it big on Broadway will work here in hopes of being seen by the right people. After a great dinner, Cat, Kristin, and Christine went to the Top of the Rock. I wanted to go, but I'm going to take Luke when he visits in a couple of weeks and I want to experience this beautiful view of the city with him first. I received a text from Cat a little later in the evening just ranting and raving about how wonderful the Top of the Rock is. I'm excited!!!

I, unfortunately, went home:( I've been living in la la land the past three days just playing in the city my roommates, but at some point it had to end because I don't get a spring break in the real world. I had to go back to work today (Tuesday) while my friends are still enjoying the city until Friday. At first Iwas kind of bummed about this, but then my Otis Spunkmeyer cookie from the cafeteria downstairs made it slighty better. Today's cookie, and my favorite, the white chocolate cranberry cookie!

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