07 March 2010

Friends in the City: Day 2

Catherine, Kristin, and I had a full day in the city! We met up for breakfast/coffee at where else, Starbucks!, and then we headed over to Rockefeller Center to ice skate. On the way, we stopped at Papyrus, the cutest stationary store in the world, and Cat bought a small sketch pad. She's an interior design major on vacation, what can I say? :) We also stopped by Radio City Music Hall for a couple of quick pictures! When we got to Rockefeller Center and checked out the prices, we realized it would cost us $9 less to ice skate tomorrow around lunchtime. Done:) So, we moved on.

{Radio City Music Hall}

After leaving Rockefeller Center, we decided to walk over to Grand Central Station. On our way, we stopped by the American Girl store. Wow, this brought back so many childhood memories! We looked for the old dolls and books that we loved so much because they "looked like us." Of course, I was Kirsten, Kris was Felicity, and Cat was Molly. There were so many little girls, their moms, and their dads walking around this 3-story little girl heaven. The poor dads were carrying multiple bags and looked like they had the word "sucker" written on their foreheads, ha! After a tour of all three floors, we got back on track and headed over the Grand Central.

{Cat and I with pictures of the AG dolls that "looked like us" as kids!}

We grabbed a quick bite to eat at Grand Central. The salads we ate were SO yummy! Mine was mixed romaine lettuce, onions, kidney beans, cheddar cheese, cajun chicken, and low-fat creamy italian dressing. We also walked around, took pictures, and checked out the many cool stores at Grand Central.

{My delicious salad from lunch}

After lunch, we visited Bloomingdales on the Upper East Side for a little bit, just to say we had. Then we stopped by Dylan's Candy Bar. DANGEROUS STORE, let me tell you! They have every kind of candy under the sun. On the bottom level of the store, yes it has 3 levels, there is a huge fudge counter that held my attention for a while. We saw a bath tub full of gum balls, an entire wall of M&M paraphernalia, and Kristin bought James some candy with his name on it. What a sweet (no pun intended, hehe) girlfriend. But shhh! Don't tell James:)

After Dylan's, we went to Serendipity. We ordered two frozen hot chocolates, one original and one with peanut butter (my personal favorite). If you don't know, this is what Serendipity is known for. You can't go to New York and not get one! Here is a great picture of my precious roomies and their first frozen hot chocolate:)

{Frozen hot chocolate at Serendipity!}

{Thanks for the paparazzi pics outside of Serendipity, Catherine!}

After our long day out and about in the city, the girls and I went and put our names in a broadway lottery the see the show Rock of Ages and we were drawn! So, we each got to see the show for $26.50, which is AMAZING. The show itself was good, but it was even better for the price we paid! The lead role of this show is Constantine Maroulis from American Idol. His voice, and the many other lead voices were seriously so good! This musical showcases a ton of 80s music, so of course, we loved it all and sang along throughout the entire show. Any night full of rock and roll 80s music and a lot of laughter is a good night!

Tomorrow we're headed to Rockefeller Center to ice skate, possibly to the Central Park Zoo, and to the Top of the Rock for an evening view of the beautiful lit up city at night. I'm excited because this is supposed to be super romantic (yes, going with the roomies) and I want to see if it's somewhere fun I can take Luke when he comes to visit for my birthday weekend. More tomorrow!

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