22 March 2010


It's been a couple of days since I blogged last, but that's because life in New York has been busy and I've had visitors! This is a recap of my weekend and all of the interesting/fun/crazy adventures we went on.

My momma and sisters flew in on Thursday around lunch time. However, I was still at work until 6 p.m., so we couldn't meet up until dinner time. From that point on, the five of us spent the whole weekend together! On Friday, we hopped over to Chinatown to do a little bargain handbag shopping;) This part of Manhattan is the equivalent to Harwin St. (sp?) in Houston. We also ate lunch at a little Chinese restaurant right off of Canal St. It was really hot on Friday (for New York that is), so it was nice to sit down inside and take a break from walking around in the scorching 72 degree heat (ha!). I also took the girls to their first bridemaid dress appointment at David's Bridal. There was really only one dress that Claire tried on that could possibly work if it had to. But it really wasn't the style and/or the color I was looking for. I think we all left David's Bridal a little less than satisfied. Friday night, we had dinner at Red Lobster in Times Square, which was SO good! Have I mentioned my love for coconut shrimp? Because I LOVE coconut shrimp!

{Momma hen and her chicks in Chinatown!}

On Saturday, we went to the second bridesmaid dress appointment at Bella Bridesmaid. I loved all of these dresses! Seriously, every one of the dresses my sisters tried on I would be more than happy to have worn at my wedding. We decided on two different styles of dresses, 4 girls will wear one style and 4 will wear the other. They are so romantic and flirty, exactly what I'm going for! They are a beautiful stormy blue color. When I see this color, I think of the sky right before a heavy rain. My bridesmaids are going to look so beautiful!!

Saturday night we went to see Mary Poppins!! This musical is just fantastic! The actor that played Burt did such a great job and the woman that played Mary Poppins is the orginal Mary Poppins. Not Julie Andrews from the movie, but the one and only person that has played this role on broadway. I guess it does help that she is British, but I just thought this woman was phenomial. I'm not going to lie, I did tear up when Mr. Banks realizes the value of his family and when Mary Poppins leaves. SUCH A GREAT SHOW!

{After Mary Poppins!}

On Sunday, the girls focused on getting their last souveniers bought for themselves, boyfriends, etc. Mom and I made a quick stop by J.Crew to check out one other bridesmaid dress which was not nearly as cute as the ones I've picked out. Oh well, it was worth a shot! After a quick lunch, a pretzel from a street vendor, and a couple more cups of coffee, mom and the girls were almost ready to leave. We went back to their hotel to get the luggage and add the souveniers to the already very full suitcases. They caught a taxi around 6 p.m. and headed to the airport and I walked to the subway:(

{My visitors before they left}

It was tougher than I had thought to say goodbye. I have missed my momma and sisters a ton since I've been in New York, but I think I've missed my momma a little bit more. It hit me while she was here that there are a lot of things with the wedding that I wish I was able to do with her or talk with her more frequently about. I want to go through every step of the planning with her and I don't want either one of us to miss out on anything. I can't wait to be home so we can do all the rest of it together!

Since my birthday is Friday, I won't see my family on my birthday, and because it's practically spring in the city now, my mom took me shopping for some new spring clothes! I would like to proudly announce that I dominated Ann Taylor Loft. You know how some girls sort of have "their store?" A place they always love to shop at, can always find a good sale deal, or always find clothes that fit them the best. Well, The Loft is most definitely "my store." I bought:

1) A cute floral dress I'm thinking about wearing to my first bridal shower in May!
2) A black dress that I'll probably wear to see Phantom of the Opera with Luke this weekend.
3) Two skirts: one black silky one and a cute blue on with a bow that ties at the top.
3) A cute ivory blouse with a little ruffle across the neckline
4) A pair of khaki-green pants that came with the cutest belt!
5) A khaki-tan 3/4-sleeved jacket

I also bought two really comfy t-shirts and two pairs of sandals at American Eagle. The American Eagle in Times Square has a great spring clothes selection right now! I can't wait to go back to The Loft in a couple of weeks to buy some new shorts for the summer. I love shopping:):)

{These are the two dresses I bought this weekend. I love them both!}

{These are the two skirts I bought this weekend! Except I actually got the gray one in black.}

And now, some MORE great news! LUKE WILL BE IN NEW YORK ON FRIDAY!!!! I cannot even begin to explain my excitement. By the time we're together again, it will have been 11 weeks since we've seen each other. I'm pretty sure I won't be letting go of him after that initial hug. My arm will be around him, we'll be holding hands, or something! Or for that matter, maybe I'll just lock him in a closet so he can't go back to Texas. Just a thought:) On Friday night (my 23rd bday!) we're going to see Phantom of the Opera and I'm planning on taking him to the top of the Empire State Building on Saturday night after dinner. I want to take him to Central Park and on an adventure to Brooklyn. Of course, he needs to see Times Square. So much to do, so little time!! But ultimately, I just want to be with him. I don't care what we're doing as long as we're together. I'm committing to a "no-wedding-talk" weekend so that we can just relax and enjoy each other. 4 MORE DAYS!!!

Lastly, I have to rant for just a second about my new favorite thing to do in New York: run the Brooklyn Bridge in the evenings with Helena. We love it! We run from our dorm to the bridge, from the Brooklyn end of the bridge to the Manhattan side of the bridge, and then we turn around and run it back. It's so fun because tons of people are always walking, running, or biking this bridge. And when you run at night, it's like your running into the New York skyline. It's absolutely breath-taking. I plan on doing this as much as possible between now and when I leave the city to go back to Texas.

Ok, I leave you with two questions:
1) What's "your store?" The one store you absolutely love shopping at...
2) Where's your favorite place to work out?

I'd love to know:) Hope you had a not-so-manic Monday!



  1. 1) What's "your store?" The one store you absolutely love shopping at...
    2) Where's your favorite place to work out?

    1. Funny you should ask that. Kris posed this same question to me during our extensive spring break. I'm not going to lie, I can't pick one. I'll give you the top 3: TARGET, bookstores (in general), Old Navy. Cheap, easy, simple. Ah, life : )
    2. Apparently, I don't have a favorite place. I haven't worked out in a looooong time. I did used to LOVe 24hr though : ) Lots of classes, lost of treadmills and lots of Black Eyed Peas on the speakerbox!

  2. i'm totally going to start reading your blog. :)
    i usually read in chunks. like, i'll stop by every week or two and catch up. hahaha.

    ok, favorite place to shop. i'd say probably gap or target. i LOVE banana, but cant afford. so if i had more money, that would probably be my answer.

    favorite place to work out. i have a membership to the YMCA, and its awesome. but i LOVE to hike. so if you held me to it, i'd probably pick hiking at lake georgetown.


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