12 March 2010

Wedding updates and other fun stuff!

Save-the dates have been SENT, praise the Good Lord! It was so tough finding time to get them mailed because I work 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. and that's most post offices' hours of operation. But, I got it done and can now mark it off my list! I'm still waiting to hear back from a couple of people, but it looks like we're getting close to picking a DJ for the reception, yay! Of course this would be one of the toughest decisions for me because I love music and dancing so much:) These DJs are having to prove they are good enough to play at my reception (uh oh, bridezilla...she's coming out!). I'm beginning to look into registering which is really exciting because, as both Luke and my mother will let you know, I love to shop! I have a couple other things on my wedding to-do list, but for now, I think Luke and I are moving at a pretty good pace. Poor thing, he's such a trooper listening to all of my wedding conversations over the phone and Skype. And it sounds like he's getting a lot of good ideas for and doing some good research on honeymoon desinations and packages. Have I told y'all I have the best fiance ever?? Well, I do:)

My momma and sisters will be here in 6 DAYS!!! And don't you worry, I'm taking advantage of my time with my bridesmaids (muahahahaha!). We have three appointments to look for bridesmaids dresses the weekend they're here, 2 Friday and 1 Saturday. Our appointments are at Adriennes, David's Bridal, and Bella Bridesmaid. I really hope we find something at Bella Bridesmaid because they carry a lot of the designers I like. I want my girls to be in flirty, romantic dresses. Wish us luck! I'm sure you'll get to see a few pictures once we're done with the appointments:)

{These are a couple of the cute dresses I want my sisters to try on!}

Today marks the end of my 9th week in New York City. I have 7 weeks left of work, a couple days for finals, and then I'm back in the sweet state of Texas. I can't wait!! I've loved New York and this really has been the experience of a lifetime, but I can't wait for summer, the beach, Camp Zephyr, my family and friends, wedding planning, MEXICAN FOOD!, BBQ, my car, and wide open spaces. I can't believe I graduate so soon and I'm still waiting to hear back from a couple law schools, but God is good and His plan is perfect. I'm just trying to be patient and I know He already has it all worked out.

{This is what I'm looking forward to when I get back to Texas!!}

As I was walking into the lobby of work today, guess who I ran into? None other than the beautiful Jessica Simpson! I thought about just walking by and not saying anything because she looked busy and I was in a hurry to get to work, but I just had to say hello. Us Texas girls have to stick together! I introduced myself, told her I was from Texas, and that I go to Baylor. This was cool because one of the girls with her had gone to Baylor too! I also told her that I watched her on Oprah a few days ago and that I'm so excited about her new tv show that premieres on March 15th. I really felt compelled to say this to her because after watching her on Oprah, I really felt for her and all she's gone through with stupid John Mayer, Tony, Nick, etc. The tabloids have just been ridiculous because she's such a beautiful woman, both inside and out. Her new show, The Price of Beauty, speaks volumes for her growth as a woman and for what all women go through to be "beautful." I'll have you know ladies, that The King in enthralled by your beauty, every last one of you. We are all made in HIS image. Be proud of who you are! Jessica Simpson is a great example of this. Here is the preview video for The Price of Beauty:

Another exciting thing: as I type, my high school alma mater, Hallettsville High School, is at the UIL State Basketball Tournament in Austin, Texas. Our boys basketball team has made it to state for the first time (I think) ever! My dad is giving me quarterly updates and Claire's boyfriend, Reid, is a senior and a starter for the team. Good luck Reid and GOOOOOO BRAHMAS!!!

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