07 June 2010

All my life (baby, baby!)

I've prayed for someone like you! You know you love that old K-C and Jojo song:)

This blog post actually has nothing to do with that song except for the fact that it's all about my life at this moment. Here's a little update on what's been going on:

This past weekend, my dad turned 50! Woohoo!!! I got to go home on Saturday afternoon and hang with the fam. On Sunday morning, my dad's actually bday, my sister Emily and I sang in church for dad as part of his bday gift. After that, the 6 of us (mom, dad, and the 4 girls) all went out to eat for dad's bday celebration. Since it was his special day, he picked BBQ, of course! Dad opened presents too. He got a new pair of tennis shoes, some cologne, and some truck accessories for his NEW TRUCK! Yup, for his bday dad is getting a new truck! Well, used, but new to him. You see, my papa loves to work out on his ranch and his old truck just isn't cutting it anymore. I'm not quite sure it even goes into reverse (gee whiz). It just can't take hauling hay or cattle anymore. So, dad is getting a new ranch truck. Yay dad! Overall, it was a good short trip home.

{Mom, Claire, and Becca at lunch}

{Dad, me and Em. Of course, dad's not looking:)}

Today was a good Monday, but it was a little slow at work. So, while I was on my lunch break, I decided to take a couple of pictures for you all to see what a beautiful city I am now living in. These pictures were taken right around where I work!

{I work on Peoples Street}

{I LOVE palm trees! And there's about a million in Corpus}

{I love to walk down the bay front, past the marina, and look at the boats}

I've also taken a few pictures in my office so I can show my family and friends that don't live close enough to visit how cute my office is. Let's just say it's blue, green, and yellow. Come on, how cute is this! I love working in such a fun atmosphere!

{My desk. Yes, those are my flip flops to the right, ha!}

{The cool sun on my wall. No worries, it lights up for party purposes}

{McLeod graphic design, none of which is my own}

{Cuteness minus the dolly}

{I love wicker}

{Welcome to McLeod Creative, home of The One Bride Guide. Stop by and visit us sometime!}

Ok, I know, I showed you LOTS of pictures. But I just like it so much and feel so blessed to get to be a part of all of the creativity at McLeod Creative:):)

New project: I'm currently working on making my apartment more modern and cute. Do these two words go together? I don't know. I wish I had my interior design roomie, Catherine Dykes, here to help me. I've been looking through the 2010 IKEA magazine and, no worries, I have a plan to TEAR. IT. UP. I also love pictures, so I'm working on finding/creating/painting some picture frames and possibly painting a canvas or two. I'm not one to be very good at house decorating, but I'm taking this as a good challenge and lesson to learn before Luke and I tie the knot someday. Once I've made some progress, pictures will be posted! 

I'm going back to watching You've Got Mail now. This movie makes me miss New York so much! I never thought I'd actually say that, but I do. Time to plan my next trip!

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  1. Your office is adorable!!! I know what you mean about decorating apartments! I just signed for an apartment in Houston. I don't move in until the end of August, but I'm trying to buy some new furniture/decorations. I'm not the world's best decorator either...haha. And funny enough, I just got the Ikea magazine too and I'm trying to pick out a few trendy, modern things! good luck!


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