23 June 2010


Photo by Jade Payne

I was thinking about my blog today and realized that I talk about my fiancĂ©, Luke, a  ton, but I've never really introduced him to my bloggersphere. So, let me tell you a little more in depth about this incredible man.
When you first meet Luke, he's going to be pretty shy. It's not that he's not excited to meet you. It's just that he's quiet at first. Luke can actually be extremely loud and goofy. He's usually like this in his element or when he's in a place that he feels very comfortable.
One thing that I find very attractive about Luke is that he is a phenomenal leader. The summer is Luke's busiest time of the year at work because he is the staff supervisor and also works in guest services at a Christian camp, Camp Zephyr. Both guests to the camp and the staff he runs rant and rave about him. Just tonight I was talking to one of his staffers out at camp and this person said to me, "Luke is doing a great job. He is such a good leader." When I watch him interact with people out at camp, it astounds me. He is so selfless, always trying to find a way to serve someone else. And for the most part, he does it with a smile. The only time I ever hear this man complain is when we're alone and he's usually just letting off steam from a long week and stress. He is such a great example to me of how to work hard and to give all of yourself to serving God.
Luke has the biggest heart I've ever seen in anyone. Now--don't get me wrong--my man is ALPHA MALE; all things big, bad, tough, and macho. But when it comes down to anything personal or something that means a lot to him, I get to see his amazing heart. It's like having the best of both worlds. In relation to his heart, He is (God bless him) the most patient man I know. That boy waits for me to get ready to go out without bothering me, he listens to me talk for forever about anything, and when I'm a b-word (yup, I said "b-word"), he is quick to forgive. 
My man is super adventurous! Growing up in a house of all girls, there wasn't too much adventure or risk. I didn't play with guns or ride on motorcycles. Luke did both as a young bot A LOT. I never knew how to shoot a paintball gun or how to remotely play a video game. Luke has mastered both. I love this about him though, because I know life with him is going to be so fun! A little dangerous? Probably:) But I feel so safe with him and I know that he'll take care of me. I'm excited for the adventures he and I will go on together.
Someone once said something about mine and Luke's relationship that I think will stick with me forever. I say this, both because what was said was so meaningful and because I want Luke and I to always be this way. This person said, "I love to see Luke and Sara interact with each other. They always have each others' backs. If Sara is down, Luke is picking her up. If Luke is down, Sara is picking him up." I love this. Many people don't understand mine and Luke's relationship or think that we're really different. Well, we are. And we know this. But we're better people for it in the end. We push and grow each other in really cool ways and drive each other bonkers too! It keeps it fun:)
I love this guy so much.

Photo by Jade Payne

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