01 June 2010

When life hands you lemons

It's been a couple of weeks since I last blogged, and with good reason. I've had nothing nice to say. Between postponing the wedding, moving my life to Corpus (along with all of the crap I've accumulated over the past 23 years), taking a new job, dealing with the crazy/psychotic people in my life (if you're thinking "who?" when you read this line, its probably you), and adjusting to my new life, I've been a little really emotional. I know what you're thinking. Sara...emotional?? You'd of never guessed, right? ;)

I've begun many posts and finished a couple, but none of them were really web worthy. They either said to many hateful things about the people in my life driving me to drink (not literally of course...well... whatever) or about the way I struggle with change. I do. But I also know from experience that adjusting takes time. I may have never been good at it, but I do know that eventually things begin to settle in. I think I'm beginning to feel the settling and it feels nice.

For a week or so I had been sleeping on the couch in my living room because I didn't have any bedroom furniture. My college furniture was left in my college house because Claire will be moving in this next year. However, she also moved home for the summer and is sleeping on the bed in the guest room. SO, guess who had no furniture when she moved into her new apartment? Yup, me:) However, my Nana  so graciously after a good battle with my mother decided to share a few of the many pieces of bedroom furniture she had just lying around her old house. I am now the proud borrower of a bed, long dresser, tall dresser/shelf thing, two bed-side tables, two bedroom lamps, two end tables, two living room lamps, and a floor lamp. Whew.You think it was hard to type all of this? You should have been here to haul it up three floors to  my apartment without an elevator. I'm not quite sure my dad's gotten off of the couch since, ha!

Work is going really well. I love my office and the people I work with. It has taken a little over a week, but I feel like I'm finally getting the hang of things. I have many meetings with clients over the next few weeks (sounds cool, right?) and I love that I get to meet so many cool people on a daily basis. I got to buy new office supplies for myself last week, which was AWESOME because it was like buying school supplies, but BETTER because I didn't have to pay for them. My desk is officially organized to my liking and my new business cards came in. I know I sound so cheesy when I talk about it, but I'm still just really excited about having a job and the opportunity to take the next step towards a career.

I've also made a list of the many things I love about living in Corpus Christi:
1) My cute 1 bd/1bth apartment
2) My 10 min. drive to work
3) I work in the coolest office/atmosphere in CC
4) The awesome people I work with
5) Having a Starbucks, HEB, and Target within 30 seconds of where I live
6) Nuevo Cafe, Hester's, Agua Java, Tango Tea Room, Five Guys, Freebirds, P.F. Changs, and Cheddar's
7) Having the beach for a backyard
8) Wearing flip flops to work
9) Being able to lay out with my best friends because they live one street over and a few streets down
10) Camp is a 50 min. drive from where I work which in turn means I get to see Luke on a regular basis
11) Runs on the bay front
12) The chill attitude of South Texas
13) Being able to eat my lunch down by the marina on a sunny day and people watch
14) Discovering the many cool places to shop downtown (who knew??)
15) I know there are many others, but I'm tired. More to come!

Well, this is about as nice of a post as I can bare. You're lucky I'm not screaming and yelling still, the way I have in the previous posts I've written that will never be published. I hope everyone is having a nice start to this beautiful summer. It's about to get unbearably hot down here in good ol' South Texas, but I don't give a damn. This is why I moved down here, because it's where I'm from, what I know, and all I'm looking for right now. God is good and I can always make more lemonade. That's what we're supposed to do when life's hands us lemons, right?


P.S. The new background is in honor of moving to and starting somewhat of a new life in South Texas:)


  1. You know...that furniture was mine when I was a young girl. So, every time you're having a bad day, or feel like the whole world is against you, just look at that brown furniture with the little yellow flowers. Think of your Aunt Amy pouring over her textbooks, writing papers, putting on her make-up, etc. And remember that if she could do it on her own, so can you...and that she's always there for you and loves you TTHHHIIIISSSS MMUUUCCCHHHH!!!

  2. whooooo SOUTH TEXAS!! Lived here for eight years and wouldn't have it any other way.

    Well spoken, previously-Miss-Martisek-but-now-soon-to-be-Mrs-Hinton. Remember that Claire and I are only just a phone call and about 10 minutes away. :D

  3. Sara, I want to see pictures of the new apartment!


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