20 June 2010

Back off you crazy old people!

Last night when I was at dinner with Luke and his best friend, Jay, something profound was said. Jay works at the Corpus Christi Athletic Club as a swim coach. He coaches a team, but also teaches swimming lessons. Jay made the comment that all parents think their kid is the next Michael Phelps or Michael Jordan. Parents will put their 3 year olds in a week long swim lesson and expect them to be swimming laps like a champ 7 days later. Some children are talented yes, but not all of them are meant to swim like Michael Phelps. And to take it a step further, not all of them will succeed in exactly what their parents think they should. Hmm...take a second and chew on that one parents.

I have been very blessed in my life that I have a mother and a father who love me and have taught me to always give any endeavor 100%. As a child, I wasn't ever allowed to give any piece of homework, or a test, or a basketball game any less than my all. Study hard, practice hard, work hard = being the best. As I went off to college, I still had this mentality built in to me, but things began to change. As one of 14,000 students, I didn't necessarily have to be "the best" in school, because I wasn't chasing after a valedictorian status. Rather yet, I was just trying to do the best that I could for me. In Tri Delta, I guess I could have pushed myself harder to be a more influential leader, but I had a great time serving on smaller committees, being the VP of PR for one year, and building relationships with amazing girls. I loved college, but it was very different from junior high or high school where I joined every organization and made a 4.0. And I must say, it was more enjoyable.

Now, I'm an adult. A grown-up. P.S. What does this mean anyway?? I'm old? Well, bite me person that came up with this lame title for college graduates. What if I don't want to be called a grown-up? Anyway...I have a job. I'm getting involved in my new community. I'm searching for a new church. I'm decorating a new apartment. And I'm no longer a 16 year old in high school. I know this may sound a little soap-box-ish, but I need for the adults in my life to back off. I feel like every time I am with a new group of adult family members, I get questioned about my life. For example:

Family Member: What are you doing with your life Sara?
Me: I'm working and really loving living in Corpus Christi. Just trying to get settled in.
Family Member: Well, when are you going to law school?
Me: Not right now. Maybe never. I don't know, I'm just not passionate about it.
Family Member: Well, when are you going to find a real job?
Me: I have a real job.
Family Member: When are you getting a promotion?
Me: Well, I just starting working a month ago, so probably not anytime soon.
Family Member: Well, how are you going to afford a new house, children, their college, retirement?
Me: Well, the job that I took was the one that presented itself and I'm actually really enjoying it. If something else comes along down the road and I feel God calling me there, then I'll take this new job.
Family Member (sounding defeated and disappointed): Alright...

Ok, people. I know that I was in NHS, SNHS, SCOPE, band, basketball, volleyball, color guard (unfortunately, ha!), and was a straight A student in high school, PLUS I was in Tri Delta, Student Government, and many honor societies in college. And please don't get me wrong, I want to be involved as an adult and I always want to be a driven person that pushes herself to be the best, but what is so wrong about young people just enjoying their lives? I love my job. I love my new city. I love being closer to Luke. I love my new apartment. I just don't understand why so many people in my life cannot be happy that I'm happy. If I was flipping burgers at McDonalds and was loving it, I would hope that people could just be happy for me.

In the end, God is not going to care what job I did down here on earth. What He is going to care about is how I gave my all to serve Him and His people. And I know He wants me to be happy, whatever I'm doing.

Just so all of the punk "adults" in my life know: I'm still the same driven person I've always been. I want to do more school eventually. No, I won't be in sales for the rest of my life. I still have dreams and goals. In fact, I'm living them right now:) So get over it and quit asking me so many damn questions. Thank you very much. Oh yeah, and 23 years olds aren't supposed to be making $75,000 right our of college, FYI.


  1. So...What are you doing tomorrow?

  2. Is this a normal question, or are you being sarcastic? :) I'm working all day, if you're serious. If you're trying to be like all the other questioning adults in my life, I don't have an answer for you.

  3. lol, he was being a punk and teasing you.

    I totally hear you, Sara....just do what God is having you to do now, and do it well. I know you will. :)

    I am so proud of you and how hard you work for the dreams you cherish close to your heart!

  4. You're cute when you're feisty ;)


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