30 June 2010

Brooklyn the dog, not the city

If you haven't already heard the great news, I BOUGHT A PUPPY! I'd been talking about getting a dog since about March, but the timing just wasn't right then. I'm not 100% sure the timing is right right now either, but oh well. She was just too good of a deal to pass up! Here's mine and Brooklyn's (the puppy) story:

Late Sunday night I was randomly looking for puppies on Craigslist. Usually all that I find dog-wise on Craigslist are chiuahuas, pitbulls, or lab mixes of some kind, so I wasn't super hopeful. However, on that night I saw a posting for a female maltipoo. I'd been wanting a mini-poodle mix of some kind for a while, but they are really expensive to get straight from a breeder. For those of you who don't know, a maltipoo is a cross between a miniature poodle and a maltese, which was perfect for what I was looking for. So, I replied to the posting, hoping for the best. You never know with Corpus Christi Craigslist...

I heard back from the owner early the next morning. The puppy was still available and she wanted to show her to me that night. So after work, my girlfriends, Aubrey and Sarah, and I all went to the island to go check out this puppy. My friends and I felt super comfortable because the house we went to was in a very nice area and once we met the sweet woman that was selling this puppy, I knew we were good to go. Disclaimer: If you EVER go meet someone about a Craigslist deal, you take a buddy with you. Personal rule:)

Once I saw this little fuzzball, I was sold! She ran out of the laundry room she'd been sleeping in, just sliding around and tripping over herself in excitement to meet new people. She only weighs 1.7lbs (please Luke, don't step on her!) and is about 2 months old. She's a panda maltipoo because of her black and white coloring. The owner sold her to me for what she had originally paid (which is significantly less that what she's really worth), plus she gave me everything she'd bought for the puppy: a coller, leash, puppy food, heartworm medicine, a travel crate, and food and water dishes. I have papers on her and she's already had her first shots too! See? Good deal:) The only reason they had to get rid of this puppy was because the woman works all day and her 10-year-old daughter just wouldn't take the responsibility of training the puppy. It really worked out well for both parties.

Needless to say, I'm in love! Look at this face...

{On her way to Camp Zephyr for the first time!}

{About to take Brooklyn to her new home}

{Daddy meeting and falling in love with Brooklyn for the first time}

In other news, life's going well. Aubrey and I have decided we're going to "explore" Corpus Christi to the best of our ability while we're young and live here. We eat at random restaurants we've never tried, shop at cute stores, and go out to fun places. Here's a picture from this past weekend:

{Sarah, Aubrey, and I on our way out to Bombay}

Prepping for Hurricane Alex has been interesting since I've never lived on a coast like this before. The most precaution I took was to gas up my car. Aubrey and I had a "hurricane party" that consisted of chip-n-dip and pizza bagel bites. I know, super unhealthy, but who cares?? It was an all-you-can-eat hurricane party:)

More updates soon!

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