19 November 2011

Confession: I've been a bad blogger (but a good unpacker!)

I have severely ignored my blog over the last month or so, and I feel pretty bad about it. Yes, I've posted maybe once or twice a week, but it's just been little updates here and there. I haven't written my sponsor highlights yet and I haven't gotten back to a couple of people that have contacted me about guest posting. For this, I'm sincerely sorry. Life has just been nuts! But I'm back and ready to make it up to everyone. Be looking for sponsor highlights THIS WEEK and for me to be posting more regularly!! Ok, now that I have gotten that off my chest, I'm going to give you all a glimpse into what has been going on around here. :)

As my last blog post told you, we've moved! This is my first full weekend in the house and I have spent the entire day unpacking boxes, doing laundry, and hanging up wall decor. I must say, I'm pretty proud of my progress!

 {Our bedroom. Not much on the walls yet, but I'll get there!}

{Our HUGE closet! This "room" alone makes living at camp worth it!}

{Our new Ikea kitchen table and chairs}

{Living room #1}

{Living room #2. Sorry for the bright sun coming through the window}

I'm still adjusting to life out at the camp. Although I spent multiple summers working out here during college, living out here as a wife is a whole new ball game. Brooklyn and I have watched three movies on Netflix today (The American President, Father of the Bride, and some Hillary Duff movie that was never popular) because there isn't really much else going on. We also went for a walk and I went for an evening run. I'm sure I'll get used to this slower pace on the weekends, but today was definitely an adjustment.

Work, oh work. I wish I could just write and write about all of the madness that my job has been for me the last couple of weeks. Here is the short version: I was offered a new job. I wasn't looking and had no intention of leaving my current job. But I learned more about this new position and things just started moving. The new job really wanted me to come work for them; my current job really wanted me to stay. I had so many variables to weigh and in the long run had to make the decision that best moved me toward my long-term professional goals. And I decided to stay at my current job. :) This past week I was challenged to make some tough decisions, learn some big lessons, and set new (higher!) professional goals for myself. I really believe this situation/experience was God preparing me for something greater in the future and I'm excited to see where He takes me on this journey!

Luke has also been seeing some cool advancements at work. After one of the directors at the camp moved to take a new job, some re-organizing went down and Luke has taken on some new responsibility at work. Yay for promotions! Also, a group of men that travel and build buildings/office furniture/etc. for Christian organizations built a new desk that has been put in Luke's office, which is a pretty cool upgrade for him. God's blessings are just overwhelming us right now!

(This guy is one of the hardest workers I know!}

So you see, life has been pretty hectic. But beautiful, none the less. I can't wait for the upcoming 3-day week, Thanksgiving with both mine and Luke's families, a weekend of Christmas shopping in Houston, and buying our first Christmas tree as a married couple (all things that will be happening before next Sunday)!

Hope you all are having a blessed weekend. :)


  1. I'm so jealous of the size of your closet!!! I thought mine was big. Well, it is for a small apartment!

    Following you via GFC from the Let's Get Social blog hop!

  2. cute place.....but you're closet...Oh Em Gee! It's freakin amazing! So jeallous!

  3. Looks awesome! Seriously...come design my closet!!

  4. The place is lookin' so good Sara! Never worry about your blog taking a back seat to your life. When your blog becomes a burden it's no longer a release :) At least those are my thoughts on the matter. ha!

    Excited for you and your professional future. The first day I met you at Fall parties I told everyone, "This girl already has her career figured out! Are you kidding me!?! Talk about driven."

    Much love,

  5. Houston this weekend...you better plan on seeing me, i've got lots of cute stores to show you :)

  6. On your Ikea chairs: DO NOT EVER STAND UP on them!
    We've had same chairs for about 3 years, but the one lesson we learned was not to stand up. EVER!
    Lovely place!

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