30 November 2011

My November Sponsors!! (Part 2)

...aaannndd here are the other half of my lovely November sponsors! I've absolutely enjoyed having these ladies and their blogs sponsor The Hinton Hook-Up this month. Make sure to check them out and don't forget to follow them!

5 Fun Facts about Chelsea:
1) She's driven cross-country twice in the past two years (both times to move)
2) She's allergic to chap stick
3) She has a huge place in her heart for homeless animals
4) Full House will always be her favorite TV show
5) She has always been a total night owl

5 Fun Facts about Alana:
1) Her and her husband are an eHarmony success story and they're trying to be on a commercial
2) She only likes songs that are fun to sing along to, including all Christmas music!
3) She's a middle child and has the syndrome to go with it (half joking!)
4) She has an Etsy shop where she sells her art
5) She has baby fever like whoa

5 Fun Facts about Stevie:
1) She got married at 20 to a boy she met when she was 4 years old and dated in high school
2) She moved to Manhattan to pursue her dream of working in PR and works at a global PR agency in West Village
3) She's obsessed with bulldogs and plans on getting one in 2012
4) She overuses parentheses
5) She interned with me at CBS News in the Press Office in NYC!!

5 Fun Facts about Claire:
1) She loves being challenged: she's traveled to three Spanish-speaking countries
2) She likes trying new things: she has 5 years of karate under her belt with trophies to prove it
3) She's very efficient: she got married the same day she graduated from college after a 6 week engagement
4) She plays hard: she's a cut-throat board-game enthusiast
5) She's highly creative: her soul is a craft studio and the HobLob brings joy to her heart

Illuminated He{art}

5 Fun Facts about Ashley:
1) She's the mother of the cutests little 1-year-old girl
2) She's a stay-at-home mom and artist
3) On her blog she write about art, fashion, and living each day as sweetly as possible
4) She has an Etsy shop, which you can find here
5) She has amazing style!

5 Fun Facts about Bethany...
1) She loves to write and cook
2) She is passionate about missions
3) She loves to travel and is a big fan of the beach
4) She just realized her love of cooking
5) She and her husband, Lee, just announced that they're EXPECTING A BABY!!

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