11 November 2011

Movin', movin', movin'!!!

This is the weekend! All day tomorrow, I will finish packing up the last boxes. Then Sunday, we move! I'm more than ready for Luke and I to finally be living in the same place and so is he. If you think of it, say a prayer for us Sunday. I'm sure Luke and I will get on each others nerves after hours of moving furniture down 3 flights of stairs repeatedly, but we'll make it and we're pumped!

{Pictures of the new house to come after these two lovebirds make the move!}

And speaking of moving, guess who is about to be back in Texas after a semester abroad in Europe? THIS girl!!! We're all so ready for Claire to be back in Texas. The Martisek girls come as a 4-pack and it's been such a weird three months without 1 of the 4. Hurry home kitty girl! Thanksgiving at Aunt Kathy's and the 3rd Annual Poopek Partners Meeting are waiting on you. :)


  1. PUPEK!! Madam President. Happy Moving you two. Nana and I will be in San Antonio visiting with your Uncle John. He is there getting CEU's for heart surgeons. TAKE THE JOB AT THE SCHOOL!!! Love you both.

  2. Happy moving! I will say a prayer for you guys! I don't know about you, but I turn into a monster when I move! Not sure why...just seems to happen! But, as you said, you get through it! And you'll have a wonderful new place! Yay!

  3. Claire! You can't say I never wrote you back--I'm still running! The statesman--let's do it!! See you in couple weeks!!!

    Much love,


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