28 November 2011

My November Sponsors!! (Part 1)

These ladies are just awesome! I have loved having their 6 fabulous blogs as sponsors this November. You should definitely check them out and follow!!

5 Fun Facts about Candice:
1) She's writing a book!
2) She enjoys public speaking
3) She absolutely loves to travel
4) She's a dancer and studied classical ballet for 12 years
5) Earrings are her favorite piece of jewelry

5 Fun Facts about Lauren:
1) She can't whistle
2) She used to be ticklish, but now she's not (to the dismay of her hubberz!)
3) She is NOT a morning person
4) She LOVE LOVE LOVES Engish Bulldogs
5) She works as a Disney Princess on the weekends

5 Fun Facts about Ruthie:
1) She broke her back in 2003
2) She mt her husband at work (she was the underage intern and he was a 26-year-old sales guy...scandal!)
3) She is not much of an Asian food fan
4) She's only 5 feet tall (or maybe a little under, but who's counting?)
5) She graduated from A&M, but is actually a bigger Baylor fan (her husband's alma mater)

5 Fun Facts about Gentri
1) She is only 4'8'' tall
2) Her favorite type of books is usually Dystopian
3) She's in her 20s, but usually acts 5 or 80
4) Sometimes she thinks she's an artist, until she tries to create art--then she realizes she's not an artist
5) She thinks road trips are the best thing ever!

5 Fun Facts about Angie:
1) She has a little shop called Little Miss Chic
2) She has 9 sisters!
3) Her middle name is Adilene
4) Her Little Inspiration (her daughter) is named Aries, the golden ram
5) She loves the beach


5 Fun Facts about Virginie:
1) Her first language is French
2) Her husband is half Mexican
3) She makes movies in English
4) She is pretty sure she should have abben a Californian
5) Her main inspiration is Japanese culture

Now seriously, go check out these beautiful blogs!! :)


  1. oh girl thanks so much for this!! so happy to have gotten to know you

  2. What are blog sponsors exactly? I feel like I am so behind on the blog "in" thing. lol


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