10 November 2011

Hey, It's Ok Thursday

It's ok...

...to splurge on a bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit and sugar-free vanilla iced coffee from McDonalds since it's Thursday AND pay day! (a day early, weird...)

...to wear the same dress to work that your wore last Monday. Too soon? Who cares. It's cute and cozy for this chilly weather we're experiencing!

...to have only packed 4 large boxes and to be moving in 3 days. At least the Uhaul has been rented!

...to still be obsessed with/look through your wedding pictures on a daily weekly basis. I love reliving that day though pictures and videos. :)

...to have not yet decided on a Christmas card. There are so many cute ones to choose from! P.S. Any suggestions? Where are you getting yours from? I need to get on the ball with this one.

...to find a quiet room somewhere in your office building where no one will find you and just sit. With no interruptions, no questions, no phones ringing. Just silence. For 10 blissful minutes.


  1. I used to try to get away with wearing the same dress to work 2 weeks in a row. But my boss always noticed! :o) He was a guy, but gay. So maybe that explains it. ;o)

    I am so behind for Christmas this year! I will be lucky if my Christmas cards go out in January. :o)

  2. Ugh. I'm moving in a week and haven't packed up my closet!! boring!

  3. Hey!! My word verification was "cookie" that made my day.

  4. I constantly finding myself wearing the same things to work, sometimes twice in one week.

  5. If you love, wear it! Who cares! :) I often think to myself...do I remember what someone else wore last week? No. Then they are likely to not remember mine either! :)


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