07 November 2011

A fast, busy, lovely weekend

This past weekend was one of the most fun Luke and I have had in a while! The three weekends prior have been spent working on and painting our new house, so a long weekend/vacation was exactly what we needed. We both took off from work on Friday and headed up to Waco for Baylor Homecoming!

If you attended Baylor or know someone who has, then you know how involved Baylor students and alumni are. We don't just "show up" or "attend" homecoming. We book our hotel rooms months in advance, we coordinate flights/road trips with old college friends to make sure everyone shows up, we get to campus early to make sure we're there for the bonfire and float winner announcements, we attend Singspiration so that we can worship with the Baylor Family, we wake up way too early on a Saturday to watch the largest collegiate homecoming parade in the nation, we buy tickets for Pigskin the day they go on sale, and we cheer on the Bears at the homecoming game (Sic 'em Bears!!). Us over-achieving Baylor people just don't have it in us to half-ass homecoming weekend. :)

 {Homecoming fireworks!}

{So proud to be the product of this God-praising college}

I had a great time catching up with all my college roomies and Tri Delta sisters! This was mine and Luke's first Baylor Homecoming as a married couple, which was really fun. We stayed at The Czech Inn in West, Texas and LOVED our room! I mean, who wouldn't love a king-sized bed and a hot breakfast served each morning? As busy as the weekend turned out to be, Luke and I still really enjoyed getting out of our daily routine in Corpus and splurging on ourselves.

{At dinner with friends}

{Love these girls}

Btw, sorry about all the iPhone photos. As soon as Cat uploads all her pictures from homecoming, I'll steal some and post them on the blog. Her camera is so much more legit than anyone else's that we just let her take pics all weekend. Love you Cat!!!

 {Tri Delta won Class B Float. So proud of you sisters!!}

{And of course, we couldn't leave Waco without grabbing some Common Grounds for the road}

We loved our Baylorcation very much and are already making plans for next year's homecoming! We left Waco around 10am on Sunday morning and drove an hour to Round Rock, Texas, where we went to church at Central Baptist. This is the church where Allen Frans, the pastor that married Luke and I, is the Family Minister. We are HUGE Allen Frans fans! I had texted Allen ahead of time to let him know that we were going to see him at church and he replied, "Yes! I need a Luke hug. It's been way too long!" Needless to say, Luke and Allen are buds. :)

{We love this church and it's people}

And after church we drove a couple miles down the road to...IKEA!!! This was definitely one of the highlights of our weekend. Before this trip, Luke had never been to Ikea and I was so excited to be the one to introduce him to this little large piece of heaven on earth. We went in knowing that we needed to stick to our budget, but of course, we went a little over. It's hard not to in that place! But you can't hardly be mad at yourself for doing so when you come out with multiple pieces of furniture for the same price of one at Pier 1/ Wilcox/Pottery Barn/etc. We bought a new kitchen table and chairs, a new bed frame + headboard, two bedside tables, a 3-drawer dresser for a nook in our room, and a fun mirror to hang above our bed. We were pretty pumped to take all of our new furniture home to the new house!

{First time to Ikea for Mr. Hinton}

{And he loved it!}

On our way home we stopped in Hallettsville to see my mom, dad, sisters, Nana, Papaw, Aunt Amy, and soon-to-be Uncle Shane (4 weeks you two!!). My family was barbecuing to celebrate my Papaw's and Becca's birthdays.  It was fun to see everyone for that short hour, but after an amazing dinner we had to wrap up our long drive back to Corpus. We finally pulled in to town around 10pm and picked up Brooklyn from our friends' apartment. Our little family didn't go to bed until about 11:30pm that night and we were exhausted, but the weekend was SO worth it!

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend and have had a great start to your week! Did the time change throw any of you off? My body is STILL struggling. :/


  1. Sounds like a great weekend :)

  2. did he love it after he had to assemble the furniture together? :) i love ikea. looks like a fun weekend.


  3. so glad you had such a fun weekend! a friend of mine actually is a Baylor alumni, so I'm sure she was there this weekend! You and your hubby are too cute of a couple:) I love your dress in the picture of you 2 getting coffee. so adorable!

    I also keep up a blog, and I just posted today. I've gotten a lot of good feedback on my post and I would love if you would check it out (and follow if you like)

    Hope you have a fabulous day!
    Morgan Daymude

  4. I love Ikea! Can't wait to head out when it's my turn to buy things. lol.


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