10 April 2011

Beginning to feel a little wifey!

This weekend I was blessed to attend a bridal shower that the ladies of FBC Hallettsville put on for me. It was so nice to see so many sweet faces that I haven't seen in months. In fact, I hadn't been in Hallettsville since Christmas! I was also very blessed to have all three of my sisters at this shower. We all live in different cities, so we're rarely all in the same place at the same time.

{Martisek women}

I loved seeing so many beautiful friends this weekend! These girls have all played a very special part of my life in Hallettsville and I've missed them all very much.

{Kelsey, Shana, Me, Callie, Shelly, Claire, Becca, and Emily}

The only one of these beautiful girls not from Hallettsville is Kelsey, who is originally from Victoria (not too far from Hville!). Our story begins at Baylor, freshman year in our honors classes, but that's another story. However, throughout college this beautiful woman became my Tri Delta sister, my "little" in Tri Delt, a bridesmaid in my wedding, and a wonderful friend for life! I love her dearly and I'm so happy she could make it this weekend.

{Love you Kels!!}

This beautiful lady in this next picture is my best friend from high school, Shana, who is is also the angel that will be singing in my wedding. Seriously, this girl has the most angelic voice I've ever heard and I can't wait for her to bless our guests with her voice as she helps Luke and I praise the Lord for His love on our wedding day.

{Love you Shana!}

I had a wonderful time at my shower. While I sat in the head chair opening gifts, the ladies took turns asking me questions about Luke and I, our honeymoon, my new job, etc. We had a great time laughing and catching up. I was also given some sweet marital advice from some of the older ladies in the church. Very cool!

 {I love my new apron! Someone made the comment that this was supposed to be lingerie and I blushed hardcore, ha!}

{76 more days until I'm Mrs. Hinton!}


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