29 April 2011

Poem Time

As this week comes to an end and we say goodbye to April, I would like to share with you a poem that was written for me by one of my dear friends, Miss Aubrey. I found this little treat in my inbox about 3 weeks ago and have been meaning to share it with you. I hope it makes you giggle out loud the way it did me. Aubs--you're so great! Someday I will write you a poem in return. :)

Happy weekend everyone!

Aubrey's Poem:

Hey Hey Grilled Cheese,
Read this poem if you please,
Its a baby treat for a girl,
who likes to wear a pearl,
Her name may be Sara,
but she is hotter than Scarlet O'hara,
She is soon to marry a boy,
and has a dog unto like a toy,
Her hair is blonde like the sun,
which contributes to our daily fun,
We like to explore our bayside city,
so life without her would be a pity,
Who knew this friendship would be such bliss,
if something happened, its you I would miss.

How cute is this girl, seriously??

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