13 April 2011

The worst part of wedding planning...

Can you guess? I'm sure the answer is different for every girl. But for some reason, my answer is wedding invitations.

My mother and I went to the invitation store together at least three separate times. I've been back a few more than that. Want to know how many hours she and I have spent looking, both together and apart, at invitations online? I can't even tell you; they are uncountable!!

Once we finally found THE invitation, the details became an issue. What color font? Ribbon or no ribbon? How many pieces? Are these pieces needed? Or those? Well, of course there is a word limit. Unfortunately, I've always been one for many words. But I also went to school to be a journalist. You would think that this would mean that I'd write too many words, but would then be able to edit to perfection. Nope, not one bit! I have over analyzed the words of every piece of this invitation over and over again 1,000,000,000 times (at least!).

I thought I was going to throw up when I placed the order. Should I look through the invitation one more time to make sure our names are spelled correctly or that the directions are written out properly? Did I pick the font FNR for that piece or CPG? What if in the special instructions the printer messes up?? WHAT IF SOMETHING GOES HORRIBLY WRONG?!?!

Well, I ordered them anyway. Here goes nothing. Well, not nothing, but you get what I'm saying. It's over. The order is placed. The payment has been made. No turning back! Let's hope for my health that I have crossed all t's and dotted all i's. Because I may have a heart attack if they aren't and this would throw an even bigger kink in the wedding plans. :)

{Thank you Carlson Craft for the beautiful wedding invitations!! I can't wait to see them, hopefully perfect!}


  1. Oh my goodness, wedding invitations were the worst part for me too!!! I looked online for HOURS and I have ultimately decided there are way too many options for invitations. I'm glad you found some you liked!

  2. It's so nice to know someone else knows what I'm talking about! Yes, there are WAY too many options! But keep an eye out for one in the mail in a couple of weeks. :)

  3. It wasn't the wedding invitations that was hard for me - recreated a design I liked on photoshop and printed them for free at work. The RSVP cards, though, what a NIGHTMARE. My fiance had a 89% response rate - my family... 52%. Embarrassing + a pain in the rear. Waste of postage, too.


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