14 April 2011

New books and vintage postcards

I have always been a lover of books. When I was little, I would beg my mom to buy me new books any chance I got. I was a huge Dr. Seuss and Amelia Bedelia fan as a young child. Once I got into my pre-teen years, I read every Baby Sitter Little Sister and Baby Sitters Club books. Each time we visited my Nana in Victoria, I would take home another one of her old Nancy Drew books. To Kill A Mockingbird was my favorite to read in high school.

My love of both old and new books still exists, but throughout college it was stunted when I was forced to read huge textbooks that I despised. I rarely got the chance to pick out a new book to read "just for fun." There was never any time. But living in New York revived my passion. I mean, what book nerd doesn't love a hole-in-the-wall used bookstore in Brooklyn or the New York Public Library?? At least once a week on my way home from work, I would stop at the Borders in the The Shops at Columbus Circle and browse the aisles. There was just something (more legit?) about looking at the New York Times Bestsellers in New York. This was my favorite after-work past time, that and buying dinner to-go at Whole Foods. (New York, I miss you!!!)

After work yesterday I stopped by Barnes & Noble. I wanted to pick up Katie Couric's new book, "The Best Advice I Ever Got." I was also sucked into buying Emily Griffin's, "Something Borrowed" in paperback for $7.99.  I can never resist a good girly book for cheap! Although this wasn't exactly the same as my New York book shopping, it reminded me of how much I love this experience in general.

{The two newest books to grace my bookshelf}

I would love to say that I'm the kind of person that doesn't judge a book by it's cover and that walks through every aisle at a bookstore looking for the perfect book, but I can't. For some reason, I'm a sucker for the first shelf to the right as you walk in, titled, "NYT Bestsellers." I can always find at least one book on this shelf that I just have to buy. Side note: I also love the smell of freshly brewed coffee mixed with books hot off the press. Book store smells = bliss!


{New fiction and non-fiction. I do like these shelves too!}

After I got home from Barnes & Noble, I stopped by the office at my apartment complex because I had gotten a pink slip in my mailbox that said a package had been delivered for me. I love getting cool packages in the mail! This one in particular was a late birthday present from one of my best friends and college roomie, Catherine. To clarify: it wasn't actually sent late, just delivered late by the supid snail mail system.

{She would put a note for me explaining the gift on a piece of paper titled, "Baylor Women's Network," ha!}

The gift was an awesomely framed, vintage postcard of downtown Corpus Christi (close to where I work!) that she had come across a little while back. How cool is this?? The framed postcard is now sitting on my desk at work. Cat and I share a love for vintage items and only she would buy me such a thoughtful gift. My favorite part of her note about the framed postcard said, "It's old, so it reminds you to remember your past, but it's of your new city and hopefully it will bring you good luck in your new life with Luke in Corpus." Cat--seriously, you rock!!

{The framed postcard and singing birthday card}

{How fabulous is this??}

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  1. you know i love this whole post. we need a barnes and noble date asap...i can smell new books and lattes in our future!


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