03 April 2011

Weekend Recap

Productive weekends may be one of my favorite things! (Cue Julie Andrews singing, "Girls in white dresses with blue, satin sashes...")

Saturday was one of those days where I let myself sleep in just a little, but purposely made plans so that I'd have to get up and start checking items off the to-do list. After a quick stop by the bank and the mall, Aubrey and I met at David's Bridal to pick up our beautiful bridesmaids dresses for Kubal's wedding. They are so pretty!! P.S. I'm really excited to be a bridesmaid. After planning my own wedding and understanding the stresses, I can't wait to help make Sarah's day as stress-free and memorable as possible!

 {Bridesmaids in each others' weddings, 5 weeks apart. Love you Kubal!!!}

After picking up our dresses, Aubrey went with me out to Tim and Audie Lawley's house (these are mine and Luke's AMAZING honeymoon travel coordinators!!), where we all chatted, had lunch, and Audie helped me pick the restaurants where Luke and I will be eating on our honeymoon. Who knew Disney had THAT any places to eat?? After talking about our itinerary and scheduling breakfast/lunch/dinner reservations, Luke and I are both more excited than ever to honeymoon!!

 {The view from the California Grill during Disney's fireworks, something Luke and I will get to experience on our honeymoon!}

Aubrey and I then went back to the mall to look for our bridesmaids shoes for Kubal's wedding. I was super pumped because JCPenny had them in my size AND they were on sale on top of a sale! I am now the owner of some awesome pink heels. I may even wear them to my bridal shower next weekend! GREAT choice Kubal and thanks for finding them Aubs!!
{Cute, huh?}

After some Marble Slab ice cream, Aubrey and I parted ways and I went home to Miss Brooklyn. She and I spent the rest of the afternoon just laying around and watching TV. I did, however, get off the couch long enough to make a trip to HEB Plus to get some groceries for the week. I knew Luke would be coming over later and I had absolutely no snacks in the house, which is never good when he visits. Sometimes I wonder if that boy ever eats while he's out at camp. He eats everything in sight when he's at my apartment! 

{The best napper I know!}

On Sunday (today), Luke and I headed to church at Yorktown Baptist Church. Although I am not as active as I'd like to be (yet!), this church has already blessed me tremendously and I'm so glad that God has lead Luke and me there. It's also nice that Aubrey and Felicia have started going there too. Church with close friends is a blessing! I was also extra excited for this weekend's service because we as a congregation were given the chance to listen to the mayor, sheriff, police chief, and congressman speak about their faith and ministry within Corpus Christi. This was sort of a Q&A with Pastor Jeff and at the end, the congregation prayed for our leaders. It was so great to hear these men speak from the heart about their jobs, struggles and joys, and prayer requests. I'm so grateful that God's hand has placed these men in their respective roles. It was a great service!

{Love this church!}

After church, Aubrey and I went BACK to the mall, ha! The funny thing is, we had a conversation about how we never go to the mall just to go. Similarly, our reason to venture over to the mall is usually to get one item we need and then leave. So today, we purposely went just to walk around and hang out. With a diet coke in hand, we walked the entire mall just having girl time. It was fun! My new car was bought its first car-smelly-plug-in-thing from Bath & Body Works and I bought my first pair of shorts for the summer for $10. Score! Aubrey bought a cute floral dress that I'm positive she'll adorn with a cute belt and jazzy jewelry. She's the best at this!

This evening, I cooked an easy dinner, went for a short run, and painted my toenails. I've decided that since this next week is going to be a very stressful, busy, and (hopefully!) successful week, I need coral toes to help me rock it out. This color was $1.99 at CVS! And on a more serious note, this next week at work is going to be a big one for me. I have many wonderful, but stressful projects going on at work and much of my efforts will come full circle over the next few days. Any prayers you may me able to say for me would be greatly appreciated!!

{I've heard coral is THE color for spring this year. I've seen this color everywhere!}

Now, Brooklyn, Luke, and I are just chillin' on the couch watching The Nanny. Yup, he watches it with me/plays on his laptop. Love him!

{Our family of 3}

Hope you all had a great weekend!

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