16 December 2010

He Did It!!!

Yes, after 5.5 LONG years, Luke is FINALLY graduating!! I'm so proud of him! This is especially cool to me because Luke didn't have your everyday, "normal" college experience.

After high school, Luke was pretty much on his own financially. The first year or two he lived with his aunt and uncle and worked two or three part time jobs at a time. Then he was given the opportunity to live out at Camp Zephyr and work as a retreat season staffer while continuing school. But being 100% on his own financially meant that Luke has never been able to take more than 12 or 13 hours at a time. On top of this, half way through college, Luke changed his major. This cost him a semester or two in hours. So, after what has felt like the longest 5.5 years for him, he has finally wrapped up his undergrad. I could not be more proud of my hard-working, persistent fiance who has trusted God to carry him through this time in his life.

I got a text from him tonight saying, "I got all of my grades back today. It's official! I'm graduating!!!" Not that we had any doubt, but it just feels SO GOOD to get those last few grades locked in. Graduation is Saturday at 10:30 a.m. You better believe we'll have a big crowd there! After graduation, we're all going to B&J's Pizza for a lunch party. I can't wait to give Luke his graduation gift, a NEW LAPTOP! I took my time picking it out and really researched. I can't wait to give it to him!

Congrats baby! I love you so much!!!!

 {He never was one for studying, ha!}

In other news, wedding planning has officially commenced! After picking a new date, I kept thinking to myself, "I'm good. I have time." And then I had a huge revelation today that on Christmas day it will be exactly 6 months until mine and Luke's wedding. AHHH!!! I better get a move on! I made myself a wedding to-do list today and e-mailed it to my mom. Looks like we have a lot to do over the holidays! Get excited because I'm sure much wedding talk is on it's way to my blog. :)

I hope that Christmas shopping and holiday cheer is in full swing in all of your lives! Please stay tune for pictures from Luke's graduation this weekend and many more wedding updates! And remember, you can always get caught up by checking out our wedding website at:

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