30 December 2010

Home sick with a good book

Well, I've officially been sent home from work because I'm sick. Blah! There has been a popular office cold/flu/virus that has taken over the second floor of KRIS and for a while there I really thought I had beat it. But I guess I was wrong. Tuesday afternoon I started feeling a little nauseous and congested. And now, my doctor is calling in a prescription and I'm at home in bed with my kleenex, gingerale, and my puppy dog (Brooklyn is the best snuggle buddy!).

On the bright side, since I can't seem to sleep right now, I'm going to finish this blog post and then get back to Last Night at Chateau Marmont, Lauren Wiesberger's most recent novel. She is without a doubt my favorite author and I'm grateful to her and her novel for making this cold much more bearable!

If you haven't read a Lauren Weisberger novel, please please let me encourage you to do so! She's such a fabulous writer and I love that her books are based in New York (mainly because of my semester-long stay in NYC) because I know many of the subway stops and streets she mentions. Her books are perfect for any woman that dreams of taking on a big city, dominating her career, and chasing her dreams. I'm already looking forward to LW's next bestseller!

Alright, back to bed. But not before I grab another kleenex...

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