18 December 2010

Luke's Graduation!

Luke graduated from college this morning! Yes, at 10:30 a.m., his graduation ceremony began and at 12:30 p.m. he was graduated and out of there! We had about 20 people at his graduation and about 30 at his grad party at B&J's. Not only did Luke receive his diploma today, but he also got a new laptop (from me!), a beautiful set of luggage (from my parents. yay for honeymoon luggage!), a new shot gun (from his aunts), and of course graduation money. What a good day! A huge smile never left Luke's face and my heart was so overwhelmed with joy. This is definitely a day I'll never forget!

{Luke getting his degree on the jumbo-tron}

{Luke and I outside the American Bank Center}

{Luke with my family}

{Luke with his family}

{Look at these buddies! So grown up!!}

{Luke with Baby Spencer at his grad party}

{So glad Jay and Morgan could make it!}

What a fabulously happy day!

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