05 December 2010

2011 = 12 Days Paid Vacation

I'm looking forward to 2011 for many reasons. Don't get me wrong, I'm not wishing December away by any means. I love this time of the year! But recently I've had an itch to travel and now's just not a good time. *sad face*

Since I just started a new job back in October, I've only accumulated 1 vacation day (you don't get vacay days for the first two months). Once 2011 hits, vacation days start over. SO, I'm anxious for 2011 to get here so I can book a couple of trips! Since Luke and I have picked a new wedding day, I need to save at least a week for our honeymoon. But I want to go back to New York something terrible and my sweet friend Christine will be living on the east coast all next spring. You better believe I'll be making a trip to stay with her and travel into the city! Luke and I also want to take a trip this next spring with Jay and Morgan (Luke's bf and his wife) to San Diego to visit a navy seal friend of ours that is stationed there. So many trips to plan!

Now is the time to be strategic. I cannot waste any vacation days and I need to not spend any money on unnecessary items. I have to start saving my money and looking for cheap plane tickets. Do you know of any special ways to find cheap flights?? If you do, please share! Because I miss this place dearly...

{At the Promenade in Brooklyn Heights, looking at Manhattan}


  1. Sara--look up studentUniverse.com You can get cheaper flights sometimes, even when you're not a student. (Just as long as you're under 25!) But it's not always cheaper, so be sure and compare prices, just in case.

    Another thing is to sign up for Southwest airline's emails, and they'll let you know when fare sales are out! It's hard to find a direct flight sometimes, but it's not as expensive, and as a former intern, I'm loyal to SWA! :-)

    Vacation days are definitely the best--enjoy!

  2. I can relate to the saving time AND money! Try tripmama.com when you do need to book flights.

  3. Sara, I know how you feel, for sure! Matt and I are always trying to find cheap tickets to fly to Texas or North Carolina, and for our family and friends to come visit us! Jet Blue has a lot of cheap flights to and from New York City (although I think they only fly from Houston and Austin). If you're not already a member of Travelzoo, that's a good idea too (they give you updates on fare sales for most major airlines).

    Other things my mom has taught me: most flights are cheapest on Wednesdays and Saturdays (except holidays). Also, ticket sales usually start on Tuesdays and end on Thursdays (especially American!). So never wait until the weekend to buy a ticket and always check back on a Tuesday before you buy something.

    Haha, this post is so random. But I feel like I need to share the little wisdom I've gleaned so far.

    Delta Love,


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