31 December 2010

Wedding planning update!

Just a quick reflection: Have I told you all lately how glad I am that Luke and I didn't get married back in August? Believe me, I'd love to be married to that man right now, but God's timing is perfect and I couldn't be happier with the way things have turned out! I love that we're both graduated from college and fully employed. This definitely makes planning our lives together much easier! But most of all, I've been so thankful for the past 6 months of life after college without being married. Everyone is different and some girls don't need that time, but God knows my heart better than anyone and knew I needed that time to grow. Since May, I have moved back to Texas from New York, graduated from college, rented my first apartment completely on my own, took my first full-time job, lost my first full-time job, job hunted and worked part-time, found (and LOVE!) my second full-time job I'm at now, lived in the same city as my fiance for the first time in our relationship, and Luke graduated from college. 2010 turned out a lot different than I expected, but I know that this year was a year of big life lessons. It was a year of holding on to God as he molded me and taught me lessons I needed to learn so that I could be a better woman and wife. For this, I am thankful. End reflection. :)

I'm so proud of myself because over the last couple of days I've really buckled down on wedding planning. With tax season around the corner, I know that wedding planning time with my momma is slim, so I've had to get busy! I feel very blessed to have Aubrey in my life, because she's the wedding coordinator at another venue in town. Her expertise has helped me a TON! A couple of days ago, she went with me out to The Ranch at San Patricio to give my wedding coordinator the contract and deposit. Seeing the venue again got me SO excited! We were out there for over an hour and a half just planning and talking. Want to see a list of everything I've been working on? Of course you do!

1) Met with florists to get quotes and compare.
2) Met with a videographer.
3) Booked the ladies that will be doing hair and possibly make-up for the wedding.
4) Discussed ideas with a college friend that will be creating a couple of the details for the wedding.
5) I'm about 2 seconds away from booking the DJ and a _____ _____
(I can't give away all the secrets!).
6) Talked briefly with our photographer, Jade, about wedding photography.
7) Emailed the groomsmen. Gotta love those boys!
8) Researched fun shoes and jewelry for the bridesmaids.
9) Talked with and got quotes from Corpus Christi Liquor Catering.
10) I'm also about 2 seconds away from reserving hotels rooms for the guests.

This is so fun! Although I had planned quite a bit of my wedding prior to moving back to Texas, the planning then had been more talking and researching than actual meeting and decision making. Now, planning is in full swing! Since I don't have work tomorrow, I imagine that even more planning will be taking place. In addition to my list, Luke and I started pre-marital counseling a couple of weeks ago. We met with our pastor, Allen Frans, out at Camp Zephyr and it was really fun! I think Luke was a little nervous because he isn't really one for talking about himself or "feelings," but afterward he told me that he actually liked it. But who doesn't love hanging out with Allen?! We got to tell our versions of the story of how we met (they are EXTREMELY different, ha!), talk about why we want to get married, and what we want our wedding to look/be like. This meeting was simple, just the first few steps. It will get more in-depth as we get going. I'm so excited about this!!!

This about wraps up my wedding updates. I'm looking forward to updating you all as the many details fall into place. But now it is time for this bride-to-be to go to bed.

Happy last day of 2010!!!

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