17 March 2011

Big Spender

I must interrupt my 30 Day Challenge to make an awesome announcement:

I got a new car!!!

Luke and I had been looking for a new vehicle for me for a couple of months now. I had narrowed it down to a Nissan Rogue, Volkswagon Teguan, and a Toyota Rav4. After looking into the different leases (we're leasing, not buying), Luke and I decided that the Rav4 was the best deal for the quality car and amount of money. Plus, it's super sporty, which is always a plus with Luke and I. We need a good car for our road trips and other adventures!!

{This is my new baby!}

{Our first picture together}

{After our big purchase, my mom took Luke and me to Olive Garden for dinner. This is our excited/nervous/but more excited faces. Can't wait to take my new car to work tomorrow!}

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