26 March 2011

My Most Fabulous 24th Birthday (Week)!

I turned 24 today and had a fabulous time celebrating with my fiance and friends!! 

On Monday, Luke gave me my birthday presents a little early. He is such an amazing hubby-to-be that is always striving make me feel special. Well, he definitely succeeded on my 24th bday! I love this guy so very much, and not because he bought me birthday presents. I love him because he has the biggest heart of anyone I've ever known. Too cheesy? I don't care. :)

{Bday present #1: new perfume!}

{Bday present #2: a new Michael Kors watch!}

On Thursday, Aubrey, Kubal, and I went to dinner at Water Street Oyster Bar to celebrate my birthday a couple days early. These girls are so wonderful and I was very blessed to get to spend an evening with them! Kubal gave me a "healthy" cookbook for my birthday because she knows I'm trying to expand my cooking skills and just trying to be more healthy in general. What a great gift from one bride to another! Aubrey gave me the movie Morning Glory for my birthday. Love it!! This movie is THE story of my 4 months in New York. Thanks girls!!

{In the car, about to go to dinner}

{Presents from sweet friends!!}

{Incredible women I'm proud to call friends}

{Thanks for the free birthday ice cream brownie Mr. Waiter at Water Street!}

On Friday, I didn't have to go to work because my company considers birthdays a holiday. How great is that?! So, I took the opportunity to run errands that I haven't been able to do because of my busy work days (ex: stopping by the bank, taking a ring to get sized, renewing my drivers license, etc). I also went to Ann Taylor Loft to buy myself some new work clothes (happy birthday to me!!). The best part about shopping was that when I got to the counter to pay, everything was an extra 30% off! Love, love, love!! I spent the rest of my day off relaxing with Brooklyn, cleaning the apartment, and writing thank you cards for my gifts from my bridal shower last weekend. I must stay on top of these!

{Personalized stationary, courtesy of Jules. Thanks momma!}

 {Luke surprised me with birthday flowers on Friday when he got into town after work. So pretty!}

{Aubrey brought me birthday cupcakes this morning!}

Today was a petty chill day. Luke and I went shopping and worked on a few wedding things. This evening, we went to dinner at Niko's Steakhouse. After dinner, we drove around town trying to think of something to do and by the time we realized we wanted ice cream, all the cool places were closed. Bummer! So, we settled for Wendy's frosties. Not a bad settlement!

{Frosty lovin'}

Thanks so much to everyone that played a role in making my birthday so special! I had a fabulous day/week. I've only been 24 for about 24 hours, but so far so good! One friend that wrote on my Facebook wall for my birthday said that she just knows this is going to be the best year yet and I'm going to have to agree with her. I'm thinking that 24 is going to be a great year!!

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