13 March 2011

Capturing day-to-day life with my best friend!

I think my favorite part of my new iPhone 4 is that it takes significantly better pictures and video that my old iPhone 3Gs. It also helps that have such cute subjects to take photos of! Here are a few pictures I've captured in the last week. And don't worry, I'll get focused and start that 30 Day Challenge shortly. :)

{I love these sleepy heads. Especially when they cuddle together.}

{The other night, Luke, Aubrey, and I went to Coffee Waves and got to check out our dear friend Jade's new art. Isn't that tree FABULOUS?!}

 {Chocolate big train and chocolate gelato. Bet you can't guess what flavor his wedding cake will be!}

{85% of the time this is what I get when I ask him to smile. What a punk! We had just finished test driving a new car when this picture was taken.}

{Of course, a day spent with Luke must always include shopping for some car part that I've never heard of. Yesterday, we went to Pep Boys.}

{I'm always so thankful for Luke when there is something that needs built/put together. Yesterday he help me put together new shoe racks for my closet. I have officially run out of high heel room and since he'll be moving into the apartment in June, Lord knows we're going to need more shoe space!}

{And of course, all good blog posts have a picture of Miss Brooklyn in them! She loves playing with her Po Bear!!}
Hope you all have had a fabulous weekend and that springing forward hasn't affected you in a negative way. I know that losing an hour always stinks, but I'm excited to have more light in the evenings. Time to start BBQing!!!

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