15 March 2011

Day 2: The meaning behind my blog name

Well, this one is pretty self-explanatory. A few weeks back I actually changed my blog URL from www.saragreeneyes.blogspot.com to www.saraandluke.blogspot.com. I had my old URL for about 4 years before the switch. I originally chose saragreeneyes because Luke called me "green eyes" a lot. But now that Luke and I are about 3 months out from the wedding, I wanted to give readers a little bit of time to adjust to a new blog URL since my blog is now going to be telling stories of two people instead of just one. :)

I've changed my actual title of the blog a few times over the last four years, but right now it is called "The Chronicles of Sara and Luke" because that is exactly what it is: a blog that talks about our adventures and journeys together as we prep for the wedding and begin our married life together.

Cheesy, I know. Got to love it!

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