04 March 2011

E-mail from Chicago

This morning I received the sweetest e-mail from a girl in Chicago named Missy. She and I have e-mailed back and forth a little bit since then and she has given me permission to talk about the first e-mail she sent me. The original reason for starting a blog back in 2007 was to simply document life. I love being able to look back at old posts from college or from when I was living in New York. But since then, my blog has also evolved into a medium where friends and family can keep up with my crazy life down here in Corpus. I love that I know my aunts in Beeville read my blog (Shout out to Kathy, Mary, and Yvonne!!) and that when a new entry is posted, they are on their phones to each other making sure everyone is in the loop. I know this is ultimately a silly blog where I just write random words, but when people like my aunts or Missy let me know that something I write has affected them, this blog becomes more.

Take a look at the letter Missy wrote to me:

Hi Sara,
My name is Missy and I randomly stumbled upon your blog by doing a google search for "sweet little details" while online looking at my 10 wedding blogs I view daily. I loved your blog because I like you am planning a wedding for the summer 7/1 and am balancing working, planning a wedding (which is like having a 2nd job), being a Mom to my little dog, and merging my life with my fiancé Brian's too. My favorite post was the one you wrote about money and I love the bible quote about it, I had never heard that before. Thank you for sharing your ups and downs because I am going through similar situations and it makes it easier to know other women are feeling the wedding planning ups and downs too. Good luck to you and your fiancé on wedding planning and merging lives, enjoy each moment.
All the best,
Missy in Chicago

How cool is this?? Two girls about the same age in two completely different parts of the country working full-time jobs, planning their weddings (I agree with Missy, this is practically a 2nd job!), and in love with their cute little puppies. I love that I was able to connect with Missy and that, like her, I too found comfort in knowing that someone else is going through all of the craziness that is wedding planning.

So here's a shout out to Missy in Chicago. Your engagement pictures are gorgeous and you're going to make a beautiful bride! Don't stress out too much and just enjoy the ride. I know all of our hard work and to-do lists will be worth it after we are married to our awesome husbands and can just relax for the rest of the summer. Let Coco know that if y'all are ever in Texas, Brooklyn would love to meet her. And thanks for the e-mail. :)

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