02 March 2011

The first 7 pictures on my new iPhone!

{Luke and his main squeeze, Brook}

{Grumpy Luke}

{Monte after a bath and new (fake) Burberry collar was bought for him by my mom. He is living with her right now and couldn't be more spoiled!}

{My new gym just opened downtown yesterday and I'm so excited! This is my little swipey-key thing}

{Cute Aubrey at work. If you need a party planner, she's your girl!}

{This is Brooklyn's "Mommy, please throw my squeaker so I can fetch it for you" face. It's to die for, really}

{I LOVE when I get these in the mail!}

Well, these are the first 7 pictures from the new iPhone. I guess I'm obsessed with Luke and Brooklyn since 4 of the 7 pictures are of them. But does this surprise anyone? :)

Hope you all are having a fabulous Hump Day and Texas Independence Day!!

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