03 March 2011

The Ultimate To-Do List!

{Luke and I dancing at his cousin's wedding in August 2009. Can't wait to dance at our own wedding!}

Wedding planning progress is blissful! Planning a wedding is sort of like having the most LEGIT to-do list and the day you get married is the day your to-do list is complete. Oh, how I am anticipating that day!! But until then, I am loving the high I get from marking items off my monstrous list!

Want to hear a crazy story? This week, my caterer canceled. Yup, the person we had chosen to cook food for our many guests canceled. She had a pretty solid reason for having to do so, but still, can you imagine the panic I felt?!?! The good news is that just a couple of short days later we had selected and given a deposit to a new caterer. Praise the Lord!! Werner's Catering will be providing appetizers for the cocktail hour and dinner for the evening. Y'all better get ready to eat some amazing food and to be stuffed afterward!

We have also selected a florist for the wedding. (About time, I know, I know...) I'm so excited to finally have this item marked off the list! Darla and her team with A Perfect Petal will be creating the beautiful arrangements and I know they are going to make the Ranch just beautiful.

Other items on the to-do lost: book wedding make-up consultation, order invitations, attend first wedding shower in two weeks(yay!!), and look into the marriage license requirements for San Patricio county. Since we're getting married in Mathis technically, I've got figure out where to order our marriage license at, ha!

Gotta keep checking of items on the biggest to-do list of my life. I'm loving it!!

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