27 March 2011

My First Bridal Shower!

A week ago yesterday, I attended my first bridal shower. I've had many friends get married over the past few months and because of this, I've been able to look through many Facebook albums of shower pictures. Attending your own shower always looked like fun, but I had no idea how much fun I was actually going to have!

 {At my first bridal shower in Beeville}

22 amazing women hosted my shower at FBC Beeville, the church and church school I grew up in. Every last one of these women have watched me grow up, from the nursery to now. They have been my family, Sunday school teachers, elementary school teachers, and my second, third, and fourth mothers! They will never truly know how much they have blessed my life, every last second of it. To have them throw a shower in my honor means the world to me and I am better because of the example of love, service, and faith they have set for me over the years.

{Hostesses (missing a few)}

After catching up with everyone, my Aunt Kathy opened up with a word of prayer. She said such a sweet blessing over Luke and me! Then, my kindergarten teacher, Juanita Blanton, said another really sweet prayer. Again, these are women of faith and integrity that have helped raised me. What a blessing!! We ate some really amazing food and I got to catch up with friends and family I hadn't been able to see in a while. After eating and cutting cake, I was told it was time to start opening gifts. Since Emily and Claire couldn't be at this shower, Becca did a great job of standing in as my MOH and writing down all of the gifts received. Thanks Becca Roo!

{4 of my 8 bridesmaids. Love you girls!!}

{Beautiful shower cake!}

{Love you baby sister}

{The platter to match my casual dishes!}


{Corningware! Get ready for Thanksgiving Aunt Kathy!!}

I had a fabulous time and Luke and I were given some really awesome gifts! We feel extremely blessed to have so many supportive people in our lives. And the best part is that I know this isn't a "one time, just because you're getting married" type thing. These are the friends and family that are forever, that will be loving and supporting us throughout our marriage. 

Thanks again ladies for all of your hard work and for the awesome shower!  I love you all!!

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